Thursday, November 3, 2011

GAPS Day 3, Intro

Well, yesterday was pretty rough.  I still wasn't hungry, but I did eat more chicken, maybe a few tbls total.  I gave in when I was getting it ready for the kids. :)  It's allowed on intro, I just thought I'd try to hold off on solids until I was eliminating on my own regularly.  Not sure I'm going to be able to stay without solids for too long.  So right now my goal is to stay with them for one week.  And then add back in meat and veggies, so I'll be on the 'real' intro. 

Yesterday I was really nauseous until around noon.  I couldn't stand up.  Which meant I could barely get breakfast for the kids and myself.  And we didn't do school at all, except read from our book.  Drew gave me a coconut oil back rub and that seemed to really help.  But I'm always amazed at how mental my sickness gets.  I was so overwhelmed and discouraged.  I finally realized I was being irrational, but didn't know what rational was, so I asked Drew to be my rational.  It's nice knowing I can lean on someone else when my brain is malfunctioning.  I wonder if everyone gets utterly depressed when sick.  I've noticed that about myself for some time now.  Depression has been something I've battled off and on for most of my life.  I wish I knew the cause-spiritual, chemical, emotional.  all of the above?

Finally around noon I felt almost 100% better.  I had more broth with egg yolk, kefir sour cream and fermented carrot juice.  I also took the cream off the top of the yogurt and mixed in egg yolk.  It needed honey,but was still a nice change in texture.  And I can't do honey yet, since I know candid is a major issue with me. 

I managed to get lunch for everyone,and supper for Drew to take to work.  And then the kids and I went out to see their cousins, who we hadn't seen since we got back from Iowa. Those darned kids grow too fast!  I love my niece and nephew and was excited to see them again. But,of course, it was all about the cousins.  So I shall have to have them over here sometime for longer so I can interact with them again.  We stopped at whole foods on the way home, since I had 2 more cups of broth left in the house.  We bought a roast chicken for supper, which I promptly put on the stove for broth (and ate some) and started cooking another chicken so I'd get extra broth.  today if I am up for it, I think I'll google butcher in the area and see if I can find some free or cheap beef bones instead of always chicken.  Plus it gets expensive.  Oh, I really should get some fish heads for fish stock, but that stuff is nasty. 

I did an enema, mostly nothing except more bile.  I'm quite discouraged over the fact that I'm still bloated.  I couldn't possibly be getting bloated from what I am eating. It has to digest properly.  So is it from food before Monday or something else?  I went to be quite discouraged over it.  But prayed and gave it to God. And will probably have to do that 10 times more today.  It's his body, and I'm doing what I believe he has lead me to do.  So I have to trust in the results and not let it consume me.  Much easier said then done for me.

I slept great.  I finally did not wake up nauseous and so far, so good this morning.  I already had my first cup of broth with egg yolk, fermented veggie juice and kefir sour cream. And had no problem with it. Kids are not awake, so I haven't really tested myself yet. 

Today I am going to add in freshly juiced carrots, mixed with my sour cream and egg yolk. Drew has asked for that as well.  I hope he likes it.  I might add in my fermented cod liver oil today also.  I should only do one at a time, so we'll see.

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