Friday, November 12, 2010

Cancer Salves, by Ingrid Naiman

Cancer Salves, by Ingrid Naiman was a fascinating read.

It has a lot of 'new agey' ideas and some eastern/Ayurvedic healing type methods.  But, all in all, it was a fascinating read of one woman's journey to learn more about healing and cancer slaves in general.

She has a website that she maintains with more up-to-date information on resources, etc.  It also is an interesting read.

Of course, it opened up a pandora's box yet again.  I want to do more research on cancer specifically and on the healing powers of herbs, etc, and esp their history throughout time.  I love that God knew at Creation that we would be suffering the effects of sin, so he provided us with natural means of healing right from the start. 

I loved the history the woman gave about the cures for cancer, going back as far as the 12th Century.  It was very eye opening to me to realize that the body has been breaking down for a long time.  And the crazy thing is, thousands of years ago, people seemed to generally agree that the health starts in the gut.  And that health is the balance of meeting the bodies organic needs (minerals, vitamins, energy) and helping to rid it of toxins.  There truly is nothing new under the sun.  

This book dealt specifically with the history of using 'escharotics' to heal cancerous masses on the human body.  The definition of 'escharotic' is: 'a caustic substance that causes a chemical reaction with tissue.  The reaction is usually attended by heat, itching, and burning and results in the destruction of the reactive tissue.'  She was esp interested in using escharotics versus surgery for removal of  cancerous 'lumps'.  She gave a short biography on the various people she had found throughout time, that used esocharotics for healing cancer.

She mentioned the treatment of cancer by Hildegard of Bingen, 12th Century; the American Indians' Richard Guy, 1759 from London; Constantine Rafinesque and Samuel Thomson of America, early 1800s' Weldon Fell, 1858, America; John Pattison, 1866, NY; Eli Jones, 1911 of Pennsylvania; Henry Hoxsey, 1900s; John Christopher, 1900s; Frederic Mohs, late 1900s.

The people mentioned above all used escharotics to remove cancerous lumps, but all agreed, later in their career at least, that using internal cleansers and detoxers, and nutrition were the most important part of dealing with the disease.  Escharotics were used in place of surgery, as they had a much higher success rate and caused less trauma in the long-run.

There was a lot of 'little nuggets' of info that I learned by reading the book.  And I'm excited to read more on the subject by those who have used natural means to heal cancer and other immune-related diseases.

I enjoyed this quote:

"We live in a time of unparalleled pollution and adulteration of our food and water supply.  Survival of the fittest and good health may depend on periodic detoxification as well as adequate efforts to regenerate damaged tissues.
Detoxification is a technical term referring to measures that relieve the body of chemical toxicity as well as surfeit, metabolic residuals that are deposited in various parts of the body where they congest those areas.  There are many ways to purify the body, ranging from fasting to specific dietary regimes and herbal remedies to medical protocols.  The simplest involve modest improvements in the diet and supplements that cleanse the blood and liver, improve elimination, and relieve lymphatic stagnation.  The most complex entail the removal of parasites and serious contaminants such as mercury and lead.  While it may be possible to overcome cancer without addressing digestion and elimination as well as the functioning of the liver and blood stream, kidneys, and bowels, it hardly seems realistic to expect health without attention to the overall condition of the body.  Tonification is another technical term.  In essence, it refers to those strategies that correct deficiency conditions.  Detoxification and tonification employ different diets and herbs because detoxification removes unwanted substances from the body whereas tonification rebuilds depleted systems of the body.  Since every cell has a different normal life before it is replaced, each system of the body is rebuilt at its own pace.'

I thought that was a great 'overall' view of what a body needs to heal and be healthy.  It needs to get the junk out and get the good stuff to where it needs to go. Isn't God so good to design such a simple, yet incredibly complex system?

The book also described in detail, some anti-cancer herbs. Namely violets, yarrow, bloodroot, galangal (similar to ginger), goldenseal, red clover, marigold, poke root, chaparral, burdock and turmeric. I am esp interested in trying to find a source of yarrow, goldenseal, burdock and turmeric and incorporate them into our regular diets.  Maybe through teas or tonics.  I need to do more research into the Swedish Bitters that we take daily. I may find that they have herbs that do the same things as the ones mentioned above.  That would be nice! 

I was fascinated by the book and I'm excited to learn more about the 'natural pharmacy' that God gave us, to heal our diseases and 'dis-eases'.  We definitely have some!

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