Friday, July 2, 2010

Book Reports

I'm very excited about our book reports and had to share.

Since I want to do most of our learning through books (see here for more info), I wanted to figure out how best to record that for my sake, as well as legal purposes.  I am generally good about asking the kids what they heard and learned and getting a feel for how much they understood, etc.  So doing oral reports is something we already do.  But I wanted more then that.

So I decided to do reports on all things educational.  It's nothing fancy or original, but I'm excited about it nonetheless.  I think it's going to work well for us. I'm sure it will expand and change over time, but I'm excited to start here.

I bought 3 ring binders for the kids and myself.  And Drew typed up 3 'reports' for us: Book, Video and Activity.  And I am going to make copies and punch them and keep them in separate tabs in each of our binders.  And then we can fill them out after a book, video, etc.  Aren't they cute?  :)

I want to go back and do reports for some of the books and videos we've already read/seen.  And I'd like to actually start doing them on the books I read.  I post some on here, but the majority of books I read I don't make myself 'think through' much. And I find that helps me so much, to regurgitate what I've read and force myself to put my thoughts into some cognizant format.  Weird sentence.

I hope to get the kids into the habit of thinking about what they read early on, instead of just rushing through and on to the next item.  Plus written reports can develop and mature with the person.  Right now I'll probably do most of the writing for both of them.  But over time, they will take over that responsibility and it will become more elaborate and involved as they age and grow.  That way we can also keep track of all the books we read and make sure we are covering all of the subjects properly.  Plus, how much fun will it be for them to look back and see how they have grown over time.

I find myself bucking the 'grade' thing.  I told Samuel he is in kindergarten now and Myia she is in 2nd grade, but I intend to do reports on the books we read throughout the summer and keep our general 'schedule' year round.  But since everyone asks 'what grade are you in?', I don't feel comfortable not telling them either. I guess I just won't make a big deal out of it either way.

I love being in control of my kids' education.  It's so exciting and fun and challenging and rewarding!  :)  Who knew researching the what and hows would change me so much.

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  1. Sarah that is a great idea. Can you have Drew send me a template? : ) I think I'm going to steal your idea. Rylan has written some reports so that has been good. None for Ella yet though.