Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Perceived Stress

Did you know that perceived stress is just as harmful to the adrenals as real stress?

I didn't, until recently.  After doing a lot of research on adrenals and realizing how deeply stress affects them, along with many other processes in the body.  I started watching myself more closely for signs of 'distress/stress'.  And I have been surprised at how often I feel 'stress'.

But, even at the time I am notice my body showing signs of stress, I often (pretty much always) know there is no 'real' stressors.  It's just my reaction and fear that is causing my body to feel stress, send out extra cortisol and other hormones to protect myself.  And then it has a hard time turning off.

It's a fascinating thing to watch in one's self when you know what to look for.

And even more fascinating to look back at the last 10 years of my life and see the real versus perceived stress and how I handled it.

So, it is my goal at the present time, to face my 'stresses' head on and deal with them, one at a time and teach my body not to set up for 'fight or flight'.

I mean really.  I think there is enough real stress in life to let my body deal with, without adding unnecessary extras to the mix.

Maybe it's a trust thing.  Maybe it's a fear of consequences.  Maybe it's a selfish thing, or a pride thing.

Sure am glad I know the Maker of the world, and esp glad he offers me his peace that passes all understanding!  Now to accept it...

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