Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oil Pulling Therapy and Eat Fat, Look Thin, by Dr. Bruce Fife

I've heard of Bruce Fife for some time and was finally able to get a copy of two of his books.  I enjoyed both of them.

Eat Fat, Look Thin, was very similar to Eat Fat, Lose Fat.  He talked about how our modern foods are failing us, and how fat is essential to health.  He also took the general view that if you are taking care of your body, your weight will even itself out.  He didn't take that as far as I think he should have, but the general idea was there.  I do think that the whole 'looking thin' mentality is just unhealthy and needs to be rooted out of our minds.  And his title obviously does not help. 

His book discussed good versus bad oils, cholesterol myths, carbs and their role in the body, and how calories cause one to gain weight.  He strongly encouraged drinking a lot of water daily, which I still am not convinced is healthy.  I just don't remember hearing of cultures who drank a lot of water. It was often a rare thing, but they still maintained amazing health.  So, the jury is still out. I do know that I've been dehydrated lately and I need to rehydrate myself.  I'm just not sure how best to do that.  Water washed out minerals and unbalances the precious balance the body tries to hard to maintain.  Fife did say that if you drink a lot of water, you need to consume extra sea salt, which makes sense.

He gave a comprehensive plan for ridding your life of unnecessary stress, adding daily exercise and consuming a 'good' diet. He encourages daily consumption of coconut oil for it's metabolism boosting properties.  And at the end he has some recipes.

I can't say I learned anything new, but review is really helpful for me, so it helped some of the biochemical properties to sink in more and made me think about things like whether drinking a lot of water is actually good for a body.

Oil Pulling Therapy was a book I have been wanting to read for some time.  I had read about it here, and a number of other places and wanted to read more.  Essentially, Fife took Dr. Karach's oil pulling therapy and changed the oil to coconut and added a whole diet to it, and he used it in his clinic to heal many patients of various health issues.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was short, but full of information on how bacteria work in the mouth to cause diseases not only there, but throughout the body (systemic).  Again, not a lot of new info, but good for review to get me thinking again. Teeth health is a major issue in my house and I want to come up with some daily regimes that will be good for healing our teeth/gums and maintaining them for life.

Fife went into a lot of details as to how bacteria wreak havoc and why.  And then he explained the science behind oil pulling, explaining why it worked and how.  It had been considered a bit of a mystery and 'oriental medicine' type of thing.  But he studied it to understand it from a scientific perspective.  He found it really helped him with a number of his own issues, and his patients as well.

For the oil pulling itself, he suggests taking 2-3 tsp of coconut oil and swishing it around your mouth for 20 minutes a day.  He suggests doing this daily for life.  Starting with just a teaspoon and working your way up is suggested. Also, starting with a few minutes and working up time-wise also.  Don't gargle and DO spit it out.  It is supposed to have picked up any bacteria and toxins from bacteria and you do not want to put them into your gut.

Like Fife says, it can't hurt.  Unlike most medicines, you don't know the side effects, and this certainly can't have any bad effects.

He also gives a lot of testimonials of people who have been helped by oil pulling.

The diet that he suggest is basically the same as the diet in 'Eat Fat, Look Thin'.

Some interesting tidbits that I learned and hope to use:

Cilantro is an amazing detoxifier-1 Tbls daily is the minimum necessary for detoxing effects.

Our salivia's ph level is what causes the bacteria to be able to thrive or die.  Anything that causes it to be too acid (lower ph) allows the bacteria to grow and thrive.  Carbs of any kind are what feed them.

Vitamin C is useful for mouth health.  I'm trying to find a really good source of Vitamin C to add to our diets daily.

Raw milk does not cause cavities.  The bacteria can not use the particular 'sugar' in the milk.

Good salivia is helpful for protecting teeth, and digesting food.

Ending a meal with raw veggies, water or raw milk is good for the teeth.  Ending in dessert is NOT good.

Eating 3 meals a day and no snacks is good for teeth and digestion.

For healing, he suggests oil pulling 3 times a day.  For maintenance, he suggests once a day.

Toothpaste does more harm then good.  Glycerin and fluoride are esp destructive to the enamel of teeth.  

He also has a medicated coconul oil for mouth infections:
1 tsp coconut oil
1-2 drops oregano or clove oil
1 30-50 mg CoQ10 gel capsule. 

Hydrogen Peroxide (3% solution) is better then a mouth wash, and whitens teeth while killing germs and bad bacteria.

Based on Fife's book, I would like my daily ritual to look like this:

Wake up, oil pull for 20 minutes.  Brush teeth with baking soda and rinse with hydrogen peroxide.  

At night, before going to bed, brush with baking soda and rinse with HP again.

For Drew, who has major mouth issues, I'd like to see him do the above ritual 3 times a day, maybe using the tooth powder I bought (but haven't yet used-soo expensive!).

For the kids, after I get into a routine, I would like to have them join me in the morning, only OPing for 2-5 minutes.

None of this has happened yet.  I've learned it has to start with me, and then I can get my family enthusized. We certainly need the oral help!!

*UPDATE 6/26/10**

I have been oil pulling with CO for 5-20 minutes 5 or 6 mornings a week and I'm very happy with it.  I hope to see even more benefits long term and I esp want to get my kids to start doing it soon.  It feels really good.  My gums have stopped bleeding when I brush (I still brush with baking soda as it feels funky to me if I don't), and the best part is, I have been able to scrap, what I believe to be plaque, off my back teeth with my finger nail.  It felt so clean afterward. I'm not positive about that, but 95% sure it was plaque.  Oh, and they are definitely whiter, not tons, but enough for me to notice.  It feels great!


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