Friday, April 2, 2010

But I love Chocolate.....

Chocolate gives me a headache.  *whine and pout*  But I love chocolate!  I wonder if it's the caffeine.  Even cocoa powder and honey, if I eat too much, give me a nasty neck-head ache.  Like a tension headache, except there is no tension in my life at the moment.

I had maybe 10 chocolate chips this afternoon and a few hours later, I'm in pain.  That doesn't seem like enough to give a person a headache though!

After doing some reading, I came to the conclusion that sea salt water should restore the blood vessels to their proper course and take away the headache. It seems to eventually, but it's hard to tell for sure. 

I'm sure I'll continue to test my theory of chocolate and caffeine and sea salt water. :)  I really don't consume anything with caffeine except chocolate and kombucha, and I think most of the caffeine is gone by the time I drink the k-tea.  And my chocolate is greatly limited, as I know the sugar makes me crazy. 

Thankfully I have my raisins!  I start to panic when my stash runs low, as it has become my 'crutch' since giving up my refined carb sweets.

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