Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorite Links Friday

1.  Here is a post on decoding supermarket beef.  Buying grass-fed from a farmer is best, but if you can't afford it, or do not have access, this is great information to have.

2.  Here are some suggestions for meal planning, using lists and your favorite recipes.  It has inspired me to get more organized.  I am so much more organized then I was last year. I used to have a list of 'favorite recipes', but have not kept it up.  Most of those recipes are not NT at all, so I'll have to make a new list of our favorite NT recipes that we eat regularly now.

3.  This is a great post on the role of woman in the church and family.  God has been teaching me a lot in this area in my own personal life.  I loved this quote: “While sin may have attempted to distort the truth, our gender roles cannot be fully lost because they were never about us in the first place! They are about God.”  This was also a great post on appreciating your role at home. 

4.  This is a fabulous post on how important sleep is to a body, in terms of mental and physical health. 

5.  This is a must-read on how and why to make soup.  She covers the basics of soup and then adds a bunch of variations on it. 

6.  Here is an encouraging post on how the main-stream are starting to understand that saturated fats are NOT the enemy.

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