Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vegetables and Butter

Until last year about this time, I thought butter was bad for you. Who knew it was incredibly nourishing and far from fattening?!? I used to watch my husband slather it on his toast and cringe.

Having since learned that butter is actually extremely nourishing, I now slather it on our homemade toast daily. And grin big grins when I see the kids or Drew eating it.

I have even come to the conclusion that, while vegetables are good for you, they are not nearly as nourishing as other foods such as bone broth, cultured dairy products, butter, pastured meats, eggs, etc. They are more of a vehicle for eating more butter. :) Can you get much better then that?

Drew had to post about it on his blog. It made him pretty happy. Besides, he called me a genius. That is always worth mentioning. :)

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