Friday, February 27, 2009

For the Love of Lard

Ah, lard, sweet lard. I have come to really appreciate the stuff. It's hard to find good, pure lard from properly cared for pigs. And it beats anything else for frying and sauteing. I used to use olive oil and butter, but they burn too quickly. Lard, well, it's perfect! And it makes great biscuits as well. Who says eating NT has to be boring?

Well, apparently, my son has learned to love the stuff as well. I went in to tuck him in tonight and he was being sweet as sugar candy. I knew something was up. When I went to turn his covers over so he could lay down, there were my 3 containers of lard that we had just picked up from the farmer. He had 'teef'd' them and hid them under his covers. I have NO idea what he intended to do with them, and I'm guessing he didn't either.

But can you imagine lard all over the sheets? Yuck! I'm really glad he did such a lousy job of hiding them.

I cracked up laughing. Probably not the proper response, but how could I not? He looked at me all sweetly and innocently, like 'Gee, how odd mom, how did those get in there?'. He must get it from his dad. :)

Here is a great article on lard from the Weston A Price Foundation website. It's such a rich source of information!

And this article is about how Crisco came to overtake lard in America, and how dangerous it is to one's health:

Now if I can just keep track of mine......

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