Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Meal Plan

It never works out how I want it to-but it's a process. I try to plan 4 weeks worth of meals at a time. I put them into a PowerPoint document. I have the last year and a half's, so it's nice to look back for comparison and ideas. This is the first month I have that is based on NT ways of eating though. I'll have to see if I can get a picture of it, or a link to it. I love reading other people's menus for inspiration.

Ours is somewhat unusual, as my husband works nights. So it's either the kids and I at night, or we all eat lunch together. Neither are ideal. We've never really had 'meals' together. I'm trying to change that, since you can't eat truly healthy on snacks. And, introducing new foods to young children is impossible without sit down meals where the parents are eating the 'unusual' food. Not to mention table manners-eesh-those are non-existent in our house since there is no meals to practice with (can you end a sentence with a preposition?).

And, my newest desire to become a really good cook (that is going to take a miracle since I'm a lousy cook) can not be realized if I only cook for the kids and myself. Kids are lousy critics. I'm hoping for another miracle-for Drew to get a day job-and like it! :) One can dream...

This is what I'm working towards for our meal plans. I want to buy my meats once a month, or less often, right from the farmers who grow them when possible. If you can afford more at a time and have the freezer space, buying meat in bulk saves a ton of money.

Eggs, bacon and Toast with a cup of raw milk
Fried potatoes and ham and a glass of raw milk
PB&J toast and homemade yogurt with strawberries and honey
Toast with lots of butter and a smoothie
Waffles (they're not nearly NT yet, but working on it) with butter, PB, maple syrup and/or jelly
French Toast (lots of butter, milk and eggs for the dip)

Leftover from the night before


Monday-Roasted Chicken
Thursday-Chicken (from Monday's chicken)
Friday-Ham, roast beef, pork chops or some other meat

Add to each a salad and/or veggies from the local farmer's market (and someday my own garden), a glass of fermented drink and a fermented veggie and we're good to go.

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