Thursday, August 21, 2008

So many contradictions...

I posted on what I believe to be healthy and it made it seem like I read a book and that was that. But it was truly not that easy or simple. It took a lot of research and reading and praying and thinking before I decided what I believed to be the truth. And God has brought so many things along the way to confirm it all. He is so good like that!

I have always been interested in what I was told was healthy. When I was in college, I tried the vegetarian thing for awhile. I've never been a big meat eater so it wasn't difficult. But it was too much work and I saw no results. I switched to skim milk and learned to prefer it. I used margarine instead of butter. I started eating whole wheat things when they came on the scene. But I always felt like I was swinging from one fad to the next-and I knew that couldn't be good.

A study would show something to be healthy, and the next year another study would show it was harmful. I just got more and more confused with every study I read. I read all kinds of studies about how certain vitamins or antioxidants, or omega-3s are really good for a person. So they isolate those particular nutrients and put them in a pill. But wouldn't it be better to eat the actual food instead of a pill? Doesn't it make sense that God put a bunch of nutrients that work together to benefit one another as they are digested? Food science is just so confusing and contradictory!

Two of my sisters kids have major allergies. And when Myia was born, she had acid reflux and colic and was just a mess. Samuel was not much better. I was convinced early on that it was food related. But I wasn't sure how to find out. I tried no dairy, tomatoes, etc. All of the regular allergy prone foods, but nothing seemed to help. I became convinced it was because we were not eating the right foods-and we were eating the wrong ones. But, I still was completely in the dark as to what we should be eating.

Over the last 5 years I have gained considerable weight and just can not get it under control. Low fat only made me binge at night after the kids were in bed. I finally realized that cutting calories-but making those calories nutrition-less food was not healthy. I know too many people who can not get their weight under control-after trying for many years. I decided if I could eat what was truly nourishing and good for my body-then I would not worry about what I weighed. Health has always been my main goal-a nice body a side benefit. :) And I decided my body probably knew what was best for it. My craving for foods most likely meant I was deficient in something.

If people have been eating butter and drinking milk for thousands of years (unpasteurized and whole), then why is it those things are suddenly bad for us? Again-things just did not add up!

I started studying the 'Raw Foods' Diet. Fascinating. They are big on enzymes and how our bodies are deficient in them. What few we have are overworked by all the processed foods they are trying to break down in our bodies. Raw Foodies are a step beyond vegan. They eat no animal products whatsoever, and none of their food is heated about 118 degrees. That way the enzymes are still in tact. Most are big on unprocessed foods since you don't know for sure if they heated the food or not. But, again, it just did not add up for me. God gave us animal and animal products to eat. I really believe that (I'm currently reading-very slowly-through the Bible and marking references to food to try to understand it better from a Biblical perspective). And I know the body can not make B12-which only comes from animals that eat grass and digest it properly. It just did not add up. Raw foodist seemed to have a lot of energy. But it did not seem like a long term solution. Simply trying to make sure you had enough protein in your diet was an all day affair! And milk and meat are complete proteins and perfect for the human body. Why ignore such a perfect food?

And what about all of those crazy diets?
ATKINS-low carb, lots of meat-but no fruit!
SOUTH BEACH-no milk or fruit.
WEIGHT WATCHERS-let me just vent here. I was reading the ingredients list on a Weight Watchers muffin-do you know what the first ingredient is????? SUGAR! The first ingredient in a 'diet' muffin is SUGAR! I was so disgusted! And the next 5 ingredients were not much better-not to mention the following 20!
MAKER'S DIET/RAVEN DIET-When I read those I almost cried. They made sense to me! Of course, they are Biblically based, but they just made sense! I have not studied either extensively-but what I have read I agree with.
The ZONE: I enjoyed reading some of their recipes and I loved the concept-although it's insanely expensive. And even they don't have any backbone. They offer low carb diets, low calorie diets, low fat diets-which ever diet you want. Can they all be right and good? Maybe I guess. But their food seems mostly freshly prepared and varied.

This is by no means an extensive breakdown of what lead me to where I am now. It just gives you some idea of the thoughts that were going on in my head that lead me on my search for what was truly healthy for a body to consume. I felt like I was hitting a brick wall everywhere I turned. I wanted answers-truths that were not going to be 'proven' wrong later on.


Did I mention that God is good? 'Cause He really is!

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