Friday, March 16, 2012

Electrolyte/Mineral Drink Recipe

I find myself often going against main-stream thinking.  Not because I want to be different, but because after careful consideration, I find the main-stream to be faulty.

One of those areas is the consumption of water.  I believe the main-stream thinking is approximately 8 cups a day. I used to try and follow that, but seldom was I successful.

But lately, after more research, I have come to the conclusion that drinking 8 cups a day of filtered water is ultimately harmful to the body, esp to the endocrine system.  Drinking water without the God-given minerals in the water, tax an already exhausted adrenal gland.  But it's hard to find natural, clean water with minerals intact. I'd say impossible, except in rare situations.  Because of the toxins in our environment, we need to filter our water, but when we filter out the bad, we also filter out the good.

We do drink filtered water here.  I used my Zero water filter and keep a glass in the fridge at all times for us to drink.  And I do not put any limit on how much we consume.  We drink when thirsty.  But I do try to ensure that we consume lots of minerals throughout the day.   We drink kombucha and raw milk.  We consume bone broth and lots of celtic sea salt

So I feel we do, in general, get enough minerals in our diet to make up for our mineral-less water.  But, there are times when I crave salt and know my body is in desperate need of minerals.  So, after searching the web, cookbooks, etc. I came up with my own electrolyte/mineral drink recipe about a year ago.  I don't keep it on hand all the time, only when I feel my body needs it.  Mainly, when I am craving salt.

Also, my family does not like it.  If I use less salt and keep out the bitters, they do like it.  And I make that when I feel they are drinking too much water due to heat.   

It beats the nasty powders and Gatorade-type drinks with all kinds of chemicals and fillers in them.  

Electrolyte/Mineral Drink Recipe

Take one quart glass Ball jar and add approx:

2 Tbls whey from my homemade yogurt
Juice from one lemon
2 tsp celtic sea salt
2 Tbls raw honey
1 Tbls blackstrap molasses (I can't stand the taste and Myia reacts, so I haven't used it in awhile, but it's very mineral rich)
Fill the rest of the way up with water

Still well.

It lasts about 2 days in the fridge and then starts to taste off.  But I generally try and consume one quart a day when I feel I need it.  Usually when I am PMSing, my body craves the minerals, or if I sweat a lot or am in the hot sun a lot.


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  2. Hi, what would u recommend to increase the drinks shelf life for over like 6 months I might just give these beautiful drinks a try. I’ll probably make the lemon one first, since I’ve got a whole bunch of lemons I need to use up. All soft drinks are bad for us especially those diet drinks . You are better off drinking spring water and add lemon , you can also use coconut water to your bottled water . The more natural , organic the better .Thank you for sharing your article about Electrolyte/Mineral Drink Recipe If you interested to know more information please visit