Monday, February 6, 2012

Paleo/Primal Cookbooks

I've come to realize lately, that the 'Paleo' and 'Primal' way of eating is very similar to GAPS.  So I decided to check some cookbooks out from the library. 

Great choice!  I needed the inspiration without the temptation.  So P/P was the perfect choice! 

Paleo/primal is generally free of grains, and heavy on meats and veggies and coconut oil.  I have found some great inspiration for sauces and dips and grain-less meals.  They are also not big on dessert, which is nice.  The over-all food rules are low-carb, grain-free, dairy-free and gluten free.  Granted gluten is in grain, so that is a bit redundant.  I can't say I know the difference between paleo and primal though. 

The basis for this way of eating in general is faulty from the beginning, so I could not suggest a person 'go paleo' simply because it would be basing your diet on a lie.  However, it does make sense in a lot of practical ways, and it most definitely far and away better then the SAD (Standard American Diet) of today.

The paleo and primal diets are based on evolution and believing that humans have 'evolved' from caveman/hunter-gather to our current agricultural society.  However, being a Christian who believes the Bible is the truth, I do not believe that.

Since I believe the God created Adam and Eve, and that he wrote the Bible to be our final authority, I like to watch out for what people eat as I read through the Scriptures.  And people most definitely eat and drink milk and dairy products and meat.  They also consume grains and fish and herbs and veggies and honey.  They ate only what they could grow themselves for the most part.  And their land was much more rich with nutrients and their bodies much less ravaged by generations of sin and genetic loss.

But, I am happy not to give up my dairy. :)

The 2 books I read and enjoyed are:

Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, by Mark Sisson

A few of the more popular blogs on Paleo/primal are:

Mark Sisson's Daily Apple, which I have read off and on for a few years and enjoyed.  He's a bit cocky, but funny and interesting. 

Robb Wolf, he's a personal trainer and lab geek, but also has a great sense of humor. 

So, if you are trying to eat less grain in a week, but don't know what to prepare in it's place, I would highly recommend checking out any paleo/primal cookbooks at your local library for some inspiration.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions!!! Our family just started this food journey so these really help. There is so much out there to weed through, and I completely agree with you on looking for what people eat in the scriptures ;)