Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini GAPS Intro

Well, we had 2 weeks of intro at the start of January.  And pretty much just went back to how we were eating before that.  Following the GAPS principles, but with allowances that help us to carry it on long-term. I struggled with going back, but I know my main struggle was with my pride.

One thing that Drew and I agreed to do (and the kids by proxy of course), is to try having a mini-intro once a month until we are healed. And then, when we are sick or in particular need of healing.

We had our first mini-intro from Jan 30 to yesterday.  We had kefir, egg yolk and carrot juice for breakfast, and soups with meats and easy to digest veggies, and spices and herbs for all 3 meals, for 3 days.  We put kefir sour cream in our soup and had yogurt plain for a snack for probiotics.  It went really well overall.  Drew, Myia and I definitely detoxed.  It's amazing how the body can do that! We eat this same food every day, but somehow eating only soups for a few days really pushes our bodies to heal.  Craziness!

I need to work on some drinks we can have with our meals, as we miss the kombucha and should not drink water with our meals.  This time we squeezed some lemon into water, but it's not great, esp without honey.  I also don't feel we get enough probiotics, so I want to maybe try beet kvass next time. The kids and Drew hated it last time, but they might be ok with having it for 3 days only.  We'll see.

It's really not too hard to 'sacrifice' for 3 days only.  Drew didn't have a hard time with not smoking or eating 'junk', knowing he can go back in 3 days.  :)

I am going to work on finding 3 'favorite' soups for that time also.  So far, we love beet sausage basil soup.  And a mexican soup, with meatballs, onions, mushrooms, cilantro, salsa, cumin, onion and garlic powder. Yum! Cilantro just makes everything yummy.  We had sausage broccoli mushroom and that was yummy also.  I might tweak them a bit, but hopefully we'll keep those as our main ones and really look forward to eating them once a month for a day.  

So, along with following the general principles of healing, I hope to have us do the mini intro monthly for the rest of 2012, or until we heal.  I'll update on how it goes later in the year.  If we get sick, we'll do it then, if not, we'll arrange it when we have 3 days that won't be a big deal.  And at the beginning of the month is when we'll do it for the most part.  I love that we are getting lots of fatty broth in for every meal!  And it is tasty.  The summer could be tough with lots of hot soups...  We'll take it one month at a time. 

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