Monday, January 2, 2012

Our 2011/2012 School Year-Review

Well, we are close to the half-way point for school.  The holidays are over and it is back to a routine soon hopefully.    But, I thought it would be a great time to post my schedule and thoughts on it so far. This is my 'projected' plan for the year.  And while I'm not fully on target, I'm happy with where we are so far.

Our current schedule looks like this:

Mondays: Breakfast and read Manners, chores, Children Just Like Me, Egermeiers, Saxon Math, Read a book out loud to kids and do book report if appropriate.  I also started with a movie on Monday nights, but our computer doesn't work well enough for them anymore, so that will have to wait until we get a new computer.

Tuesdays: Breakfast and read Manners, chores, Children Just Like Me, copy a Scripture verse of my chosing, Saxon math, Moody Science DVD (now put on hold because even Drew's dvd drive on his laptop won't work anymore-grr), read from our current book. 

Wednesdays: Breakfast, read Manners, chores, Children Just Like Me, Egermeiers, drawing (we take turns choosing an origami or drawing from a children's draw book), Story of the World.

Thursdays: Breakfast, read Manners, chores, Children Just Like Me, copy Scripture verse, Saxon Math, Geography from The Core, and read a book.

Fridays: Breakfast, read Manners, chores, Children Just Like me, Egermeiers, Saxon Math and read.

I am generally able to have breakfast cleaned up, chores done and school started by 9ish, and we go until about 11.  At which point I start preparing lunch.  The kids help with that some.  We do not read often in the afternoons, but sometimes we will.  We also generally make it to the library once a week. 

What I have NOT done yet is to implement the math facts or much for games in the afternoon.  And we have not yet gotten the pass to Liberty Science Center.  I'll probably be more motivated to do that when it gets cold and we get bored.

There is still lots I want to implement, but I love this general outline and look forward to adding things in, esp as other ends.  The Manners book is about half done, and the Children Just Like Me is close to being done. So I hope to simply put in other things in their place. I would like to do more with music somehow.  Also the books we read I try to really rotate.  History, biographies, fun, mystery, science, etc. That is where most of our learning will come from.

We sit around the table for all of it except the reading.  For that I lay on the couch or bed, while the kids either snuggle with me or sit on the floor.  I am keeping a list of all the books we read this year.  I have a binder for both of them, and in that I keep all of the book, video and trip reports, along with their scripture copying, some math pages and drawings, etc.  I am also organized enough this year that I keep a daily calender and fill in all that we do for school and otherwise, and at the end of the month, I copy it and put one in each binder.  I really feel so much more organized this year then last.  So far, Myia has a binder for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and now 3rd.  Samuel has one for kindergarten and 1st.  I will keep them easily available for them to look through at any time.  As they get older, I will need to get bigger binders most likely. 

I hope to continue as we have been, always sharpening and strengthening our schedule, but also sticking with the general outline.  It's working well for us and I'm very thankful for that!

Happy New Year!!

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