Friday, January 20, 2012

Family GAPS Update

Well, we are full GAPS now.  Really, we are back to where we were when we first started 2+ weeks ago, but without any non-gaps cheats so far.  And I haven't added back in nuts yet.  I hope to get some soaked and dehydrated and start trying them baked in things, by next week.

I must confess I am a bit ashamed that we didn't add things in slower. But for some reason, I couldn't/didn't.  I think it would have been better if we had waited longer in between things, and if we had charted our elimination. So we would have a better idea of what is being digested, and what is not.

But, the foods we eat/have been eating, are so good and healing, for the most part, that it's hard to give them up if we want and crave them.  My kids really didn't complain about not eating junk, or even 'healthy sweets' for the most part.  They wanted raw veggies, honey, butter, fruit and fried eggs.   I mean seriously, how do you not give those to your kids when they ask for them?!? 

They were amazing about eating the soup for 3 meals a day.  And if they were hungry in between meals, they generally asked for soup.   They ate their yogurt every day without their normal fruit and honey, but with vanilla and cinnamon.  And the veggies.  My goodness, we eat a lot of those!  My kids love them, and that is really nice. I do appreciate that part of cutting out grains.  They simply get replace by veggies, which at least have something to offer and are much easier to digest!  My kids LOVE steamed beets with lots of butter and salt. They love pretty much any veggie that is cooked (or raw), if it's loaded with butter and salt.  Smart kids!

Going forward, I need to do some planning of actual details.  But, my overall plan is to have us consume kefir, raw yolks, soup, yogurt and cod liver oil every day.

My overall meal plan will be the same as before.  Breakfast for the kids and I is soup with veggies, meat, kraut and sour cream, kefir smoothie and carrot juice.  For Drew, he does carrot juice mixed with kefir and egg yolk.  Lunch is meat and veggies, preferably with broth in some way, be it a glass of it, or sauce or stew, along with kombucha and bitters.  Supper for Drew is meat and veggies and sauce, or stew.  And for the kids and I, eggs and kraut.  3:00 is our normal yogurt time.  And I hope to continue Drew's soup when he gets home from work.

Another overall goal is: "About 85% of everything your patient eats on a daily basis should be savoury - made out of meats, fish, eggs, vegetables and natural fats. Sweet baking and fruit should be snacks between meals in limited amounts.

I think that is an important part of healing in general.  So many people do SCD/GAPS, but find they don't heal.  They only consume 'gaps friendly' foods. But, it's still mostly nuts and baked goods.  And those things just don't heal as well as the high fat, high mineral animal products. 

Drew definitely is not full-gaps, and he is smoking, although he has cut it way down.  And I think he is starting to really acknowledge and deal with the emotional attachments to his carbs and nicotine. So that is a huge thing! I hope to revisit the diet more intensely for him, when he has dealt with some of those issues. His main complaint is digest and weight. 

I am overall, happy with how far we have progressed over the last few weeks.  Just subtle things, like appreciating new tastes and textures.  Being more aware of our bodies at all times.  Truly appreciating thick, hearty, fatty soups.  And eating and appreciating tons of veggies.  Holy smokes, did I mention how much my kids go for veggies?  They wouldn't touch them 3 years ago!  This has been a gradual progression, but it's so fun to see them learn to like new things! 

Going forward, I also want to use the principles of gaps that I have learned, and implement a monthly 'mini intro' for us.  Doing easy to digest soups for 2 or 3 days in a row, just to clean us up well.  I also would like to start it with something like this liver flush.  It's not as intense as the Liver and Gall Bladder cleanse.  I really should do that again, but I found I was able to clean out stones from my liver when I did the intro with just really salty, fatty broth, without stressing my adrenals. So there is more then one way to kill that bird.  Basically, I'd like to come up with some over all cleansing processes that we can smoothly implement into our lives on a regular basis.  Nothing crazy or stressful, but definitely things that work. 

I still don't feel we are as healed as we need to be.  But, I think if we continue, we will continue to heal.  And slow just seems to work better for us.

Myia is dying to try some 'junk', like wheat or sugary something.  But I don't think she is ready for that.  She still has bloating and seriously purple eyes and pretty intense mood swings.  Although overall, she is doing SOOO much better!  It's fun to see.  It's been slow and gradual, but it has happened.

We are hoping to add in raw milk by this weekend.  We miss it terribly.  I only cultured the yogurt for 10 hours, so if we do ok with that, then we'll try milk.  And then we'll also add in cultured cheeses again, like my raw cheddar from Trader Joe's. Yum!!!  And next week I hope to try nuts as well. I think I am the only person to really get messed up by nuts, so I'll try and keep nuts to a special treat for us all, rather then a regular part of our planned meals.  We'll still keep to mostly only full-gaps, although adding in occasional popcorn and corn tortillas might happen sooner then originally planned.

I am so thankful to the Lord for showing me the principles of food and nutrition, that I can use to heal my family!  I often wish it was a faster process, but I am learning to find joy in the journey.  Which is a big deal for me! 

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