Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family GAPS Day 3

Well, so far, so good.  The first day was actually sort of rough for all of us, but more of that 'walking around bored, so I want to eat something' feeling then actual sacrifice and suffering.  Plus, the kids and I were getting over colds, and at the end of our colds, Samuel and I get headaches and Myia gets an earache, so we were all feeling the affects of that. And Drew had fallen down the steps outside onto the cement the day before and banged up his knee really badly.  So that hurt every time he moved it. 

Oh, and we walked around asking 'how long before we can add ___ back in'-fill in the blank with: milk, corn tortillas, ice cream (Samuel) and Oreos (Drew).  But, no real detoxing that I noticed.

I mixed coconut oil with some vanilla and almond extract and poured it onto a cookie sheet and froze it, and then chunked it up and put it into a container.  Drew is going to try and take it before meals at home as a way of speeding up his metabolism.  I am going to take it as often as I remember, as it's good for so many things.  And the kids found it especially yummy on Monday, so they both ate quite a bit of it, more then I thought they could have stomached.  Before he went to bed that night though, Samuel complained of wanting to throw up and blamed it on the coconut oil.  I wonder if it caused a die-off in him that night.  The next morning he woke up late and tired and pale, but not too bad altogether.  Myia, on the other hand, woke up late and was pale as a ghost and went right to the bathroom and said she thought she was going to throw up.  But both drank carrot juice (the first thing we added back in on Day 2), mixed with kefir cream and had some soup, so I knew they were ok.  Myia would stand up and then complain of being dizzy, so she'd sit down again.  I get the same way, so I knew how she was feeling, and knew it was just detox and would pass.  Great spirits all around, no neauses or anything like that, so that really helps.  By lunch, they were both fine. 

Drew has not been missing his nicotine so far, but when he went to work yesterday, he thought all of the buses looked like loaves of bread.  And he found himself desperately wanting oreos.  Oreos-I guess he eats them more then I realize, from the vending machine at work.  He left his debit card and money at home, so he would not be able to get anything from the machine.  It's hard because we are still so limited, so it's hard to send snacks with him to work, and even the soup only stays warm for so long, so I can't send him with a lot of that.  I'm praying hard for the boy, I SO want him to succeed. But, to God be the glory no matter what happens.  Drew has done great so far and I see emotional battles being fought and won and I'm so proud of him!  I think we are going to take pictures of him every week and measure and weigh him, see if that can be one more little stepping stone toward success.  :) He also did have some IBS yesterday at work, we'll have to watch and see how he progresses, but I am going to continue adding in foods for now.  It will help him stick with it if he can have variety. 

I really have not had any cravings or issues so far.  My belly is still bloated and I still don't eliminate properly, but I feel like those will take a long time to heal, so I just need to be patient and carry on.  I'm so glad I'm well enough to contemplate the needs of my family and do my best to meet them. 

The kids and I are taking one detox bath a day.  We have gone through a lot of meat so far, but it's keeping us full, which really helps.  The kids are doing really well with the soups.  I have softened it all by allowing carrot juice throughout the day.  It's not cheap and it's a lot of work for me, but it's worth it. :)  Plus it's good for them also. A bonus. 

So far, we have had broccoli, cauliflower soup with meatballs, pepper sage soup with roast, beet soup with sausage, brussel sprout and sausage soup,  and broccoli mushroom soup with meatballs.  We add kefir cream to them (except Drew, he's not a fan of the cream added). And we have yogurt with cinnamon for a snack, and carrot juice with kefir cream or kefir.  Today we added egg yolks, so I added those to our soups and carrot smoothies.  I found it easiest to mix up 12 egg yolks and some kefir in the blender and then leave it in the fridge and just add to things as necessary.  Raw egg yolks that are not well blended have little stringy things that are yucky.

Since we all seem to be doing fine, I am going to add in avocados tomorrow. We just happen to have some ripe on the counter. :)  And we LOVE avocados.  We are all really wanting butter/ghee, but I am out of butter.  So tomorrow or Friday I plan on picking some up at Trader Joes and making 2 cups of ghee.  As best as I can... 

So, if all goes well,  I think we'll add in sauerkraut tomorrow-it's 2 months old, which means it's soft and easier to digest-and really yummy!.  And then Friday we'll add in gently fried eggs with some gently fried onions, as she suggests for Stage 3.  Saturday hopefully we'll have our ghee. 

After that, we'll maybe roast a chicken and enjoy that.  And then, we'll try the cooked apple.  She does suggest you add in pancakes for stage 3 and bread for stage 4, but since we've been bread free for so long, we won't miss them .  And I know nuts are a major problem with me, so I am going to hold on them a bit longer I think. 

After the apple, I hope to add some raw veggies and then berries and honey.  If all goes well, we'll be at full gaps then, and I'll start trying out 'nut goodies' and cheeses and 8 hour (versus 24 hour) fermented milk, and then non-fermented milk, and other foods that aren't on intro.  And then, slowly, add 'non-gaps' things into our diet, like maple syrup and molasses and popcorn and corn tortillas. And eventually, adding in rice cooked in broth and hopefully, someday, trying our hand at sourdough again,

So, that is the current long-range goal.  One new food a day, and watch for reactions, although I don't find it easy to see if we are reacting.  And since the foods are all good foods, I'm not going to stress too much about them.  We'll love the variety and I do believe that overall 'food heals'.  If I see an obvious reaction, we'll stop.  I also hope to maybe do only soups for 2 days a month, sort of a mini-intro. Also, I plan on soup being our main meal for the next 2 weeks, and after that, making sure we eat soup for one meal a day, plus a cup of broth or a sauce made from broth, with a 2nd meal every day.  And ferments with each meal, etc.  And kefir and egg yolk every day.  Basically, what we were last week.  Without the 'cheats'. 

I expect the kids and I can stick with it with little sacrifice.  Drew, however, will probably need to have things tweaked for him.  But we can do that, no problem!  I know that 2 weeks of this will go a long way toward healing Drew, and carrying on with our long-range goals will help the healing to continue. 

I just may need to find a substitute for his oreo craving quickly......
I'm thinking I might try macaroons for the cookie (he prefers the uh-oh Oreos) and chocolate butter frosting for the inside.  Hum...... 

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