Friday, December 9, 2011

Revisiting Eat Fat, Lose Fat

Great book!  I have read it numerous times through and get something new everytime. I was surprised this time around to realize that their 'Health Recovery' diet is very similar to GAPS.

I love my coconut oil, and use it for everything under the sun.  But I could not have told you where the ideas came from. After re-reading the book, I have to assume that many of them came from this book.  Although I do have to hear things 10 times for it to sink in.  So this was ONE of those 10 times I guess.  Well, 3 of them, since I'd read it 3 times before picking it up yet again.

Coconut oil is 'anti' everything bad, and 'pro' everything good.  It's great for topical application as well as internal.

It's great for speeding up your metabolism, fighting infections on the skin and internally, for moistening dry skin, for first aid purposes-esp bites and cuts.  If the kids have a rash, they complain to me and I send them to the coconut oil jar.  We use it for K-Y jelly, and for whole body rubs while we're at it.  It's good for every part of the body, so why not?!?  We put it on blisters and bruises and dry scalps and dry lips. I use it for rubbing the neck/lymph nodes to help drain ear, nose and throat infections.  I use it for frying, since it's stable at high temperatures.  It's great for thyroids and adrenals.  I buy the 5 gallon expeller pressed coconut oil from Tropical Traditions approx every 6 months.  It ends up costing approx $30 for a gallon, which is a great price for a good quality fat.  And I esp love that it does not need refrigeration or any special storage.  I just switch it to my gallon glass jars for storage and keep a quart of it on my stove at all times.  It's great stuff and we use it for everything in this house! 

But, all of that took time to figure out, and after re-reading EFLF, I realized how much that book taught me.  I am so thankful for the habits set into place now, and it's fun to look back and see how far I've come in that direction.  I remember reading that book for the first time and not even knowing what coconut oil looked like!

It's a great, simple, short book on how eating real food, esp good fats, is important to overall health, as well as specific health conditions.  I've read tons of books on health, each one contributing to my over-all knowledge.  But for someone who doesn't have a lot of time or patience for reading about health, but yet wants to learn the over-all facts, this is a great book.  The first approx 100 pages is what is read, and the rest is just meal plans and amazingly delicious and simple recipes (most of them using, what else, coconut).

I am toying with the idea of figuring out a way to get Drew to consume 2 tbls of CO before every meal, to see if it can jumpstart his metabolism, esp before we start GAPS in January. So far, it's just an idea, but, we'll see....

They even talked about how losing hair can be prevented by coconut oil. Of course, I suspect that is more for women and those who do not have a genetic disposition for hair loss. My hubby would love to grow more hair back, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen.  Esp considering we consume approx one cup a month each of coconut oil, and have for a year and a half now.  :)  But, it can't hurt to try!

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