Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Good-bye to a great year for the Innis family.  And hello to, hopefully, another equally great year for us.  God has worked in our hearts, minds and bodies so much this year, it's exciting to see.  To Him be ALL the glory!!

I really enjoy recording our resolutions for the new year, and looking back on last year's resolutions, to see how we progressed as a family and as individuals. And posting on here is just convenient.

Our 2010 Goals

Our 2011 Goals

Looking back at 2011's goals:

Spiritually-My own prayer life hasn't improved unfortunately, but I continue to be faithful to the Word and more in love with my Savior every day.  One goal I had last year was that we would understand what motivates us, so we can learn to make better choices. While I wouldn't say we are 'there', I can see definite improvement in this area. 

Emotionally-All 4 of us have improved in our over-all grumpiness, thankfully!  Still room to grow, but I love seeing us move forward.

Marriage-I do feel the Holy Spirit has helped me make HUGE strides in the area of true, deep respect for my husband.  I'm in awe!  We still don't have a devo together of any sort. Maybe this year...

Parenting-Same as the others.  I see progress in this area and am happy about it, but look forward to improving more. 

Education-Well, we did get through Egermeier's and loved it.  I have had no luck with one-on-one time with the kids though. 

Financial-our debt is going down, slowly, but surely.  And we have improved in our ability to live within our means.  Still not perfect, but definite improvement!

Nutrition- We are doing better with bringing good foods for social occasions, that are healthy and 'real'.  We do eat fermented foods with every meal. woo hoo!!  The kids and I take FCLO daily, and I did find a source of grass fed beef at amazing prices!  We are doing great on grain free foods.  No luck on the fish broth or salmon though.  All in all, I'm so excited about where we are this year, compared to last. 

Looking forward to 2012:

Spiritually-I'd like to see me continue to grow and stay in the Word daily. So just overall improvement in that area.  Prayer is the area I'd really like to see improvement, or actual change, in.  But I just have no idea how.  So I am going to assume it's something the Holy Spirit will show me as He thinks I am ready.  My SIL is graciously helping to pay for me to take a class called Perspectives, which is coming to our church in January.  We have to work out child care, etc, but we are praying it will work itself out, and that I will learn a ton that I can use in my own life, and that I can pass along to Drew and the kids.  I am looking forward to some heart surgery and focus-changing, as I take the class and interact with others who are on fire for the Lord. I am currently feeling a 'dry spell' in my spiritual life, but I've noticed they come and go.  And staying faithful to the Word seems to keep me from making bad decisions in between.  Focusing on truth and just 'surviving'.  But I've also noticed that the bad times seem not so bad, and the good times seem a bit better also.  So that is encouraging.  I'd say I go through the spells every few months, or at least I seem to have this year.  Rollercoaster is how I'd describe them, in nature. From what I've read, that seems to be natural in the life of any believer. 

Emotionally-I hope to see improvement in all of our moods. Less swings and more stability.  I hope we can all mature in this area, as we experience life together, with more open minds and hearts.  Our brains have definitely stabilized a lot this past year, so now I feel we need to concentrate on changing our automatic habits and emotions towards circumstances and one another.  And that takes practice and patience. 

Marriage-Wow, I'm SO impressed with how far this area of our lives has developed and grown in 2011.  Amazed and in total awe of what God has done!  We still have a lot to work on, but, like the emotional goals above, it's more habits at this point then actual heart attitudes.  So, once again, I hope this year brings Drew and I closer as we experience the day-to-day things in life, and chose to change our automatic habits and feelings toward them, and create new, healthier, holier habits. 

Parenting- I hope to figure out how to invest in more one-on-one time with the kids.  I hope to take one weekend a month and take one of the kids into the city.  We can get in and out for free, so that really helps!  And we can do whatever we like, while the other child is home with daddy.  I hope God will really use that to help us to get to know and love the kids better.  I also hope that this is the year of me being more consistent with the kids.  That is our biggest road block at the moment in the area of parenting, and I am praying that the Lord will help me in this area.  It's a serious problem, even though I am giving it my all.  I hope to see a lot of victory in that area in 2012.  I know if we do, a lot of the other issues will resolve themselves naturally. I also hope this is the year of more 'board games' with the kids, and more weekend time spent reading as a family.

Education- I am loving our current schedule, and hope to change and grow, as we change and grow.  I do want to do more in the afternoons with them.  And to be more emotionally involved with them when we are doing school.  Some days I am, some days I'm not.  :)  I also want to work on our penmanship this summer with a specific program.  And I want to add in Scripture memory and other memory work, esp math facts.  So those will be my goals for 2012, although my education goals tend to go more with the school year then the calendar year. The board games fit into this goal as well.  Basically, I hope to just hope to 'enjoy' the kids more this year.  And that is more possible now that we are not all bickering and grumpy together all the time. :)

Financial- We are slowly chipping away at our debt.  Two more years and we will be debt free.  Woo hoo!  We need our car to last that long!  :)  Drew has slowly taken over the money matters in the house over the last 6 months.  I can see God's hand in it, thankfully.  And it is a huge burden off my shoulders to not be responsible for it.  We are still working on the details of our new roles in this area, and again, we need to set up new habits.  But I hope this year will find us more confident overall in our new ways of handling finances.  Maybe this year we'll start tithing!  :) 

Nutrition-Well, I am hoping, planning and praying about doing gaps fully in January.  I can't get my poor hubby fully on board, so I am struggling with the idea for the rest of us, until he is on board.  But I am praying that if we need to modify it for Drew, that the Holy Spirit would show us how to do it exactly.  But I am definitely planning on the kids and I starting with stage one on Sunday or Monday.  I hope to introduce things one at a time and see how they affect us.  I also hope that we will continue our kefir, egg yolks, fclo, bitters, ferments and soups daily for the rest of our lives.  I feel they have helped us so much.  Myia's breathing has been great since we went stricter in March, so that has taken a big burden off my shoulders.  Otherwise, I'm really happy with where we are.  I feel that we can move forward with the knowledge I have, and live a happy, healthy, productive life, able to serve the Lord with our bodies and minds instead of being distracted by simply surviving.  It's a great place to be!  Oh, I do hope to become an even better cook this year. And I would like to start studying cultures in-depth and esp their food customs from their early days.  And learn to cook foods from different cultures, using their ferments, spices, techniques, etc.  But, that may not happen this year...


And, like last year and the year before, my Number One goal for 2011-and life-is to glorify God in all we do.  Ultimately, that is all that matters.  The rest is just extra.

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