Friday, December 16, 2011

Boredom, a Wonderful Thing

I am amazed at how my children, and myself, transform after a few days of 'boredom'.  If we run around too much, if I let them be 'entertained' too much, I find they get ornery and can't get along with one another, and esp that they don't use their imagination much.  .But, when we have stayed home for a few days and had no tv, computer games, etc, they amaze me at what they start to do.  Esp Samuel.  He lives for entertainment.  I seldom hear those dreaded words from Myia 'Mommy, I'm bored'.  But from Samuel it's an almost daily occurrence.  As a matter of fact, after a video, I can almost be guaranteed that he'll say that immediately.

I have worked hard at surrounding my kids with good quality 'toys' and books.  But, given the option, they would 9 out of 10 times, choose to be entertained in some way.  So it makes me really happy to see them picking up some obscure book or imaginative toy, like legos or blocks.  They seldom chose those for some reason. 

Necessity is the mother of invention.  I see that to be true, even in a 6 year old!  His brain opens up and he starts asking the neatest questions.  I love it!!

Myia thrives on distractions in her own way.  I have seen, from the time she was a baby, that the best way to 'deal' with her is to keep her busy and distracted.  If I do that, then I don't have to deal with anything with her.  I can just sweep her issues under the rug instead of looking them square in the face and giving them to God to help us overcome.  Really, distractions are so much easier!

And even in myself, I have noticed that if I'm busy for a few days, I not only get behind on house work, but I also start to despise it and feel sorry for myself.  But when it's a part of my routine, I find it gives me pleasure (for the most part) and is meaningful, and I can truly do it in a spirit of praise and service to God.  But, if I'm busy and running around, then I find I just hate doing it all.

Even Drew,  I have noticed, if he's allowed enough time to actually relax, starts to actually get productive.  *gasp*  I personally derive pleasure from productivity.  The same can not be said of my husband.   Unless... he's bored.  You know, that relaxed bored.  All of a sudden, messes that have been there for months get picked up in an afternoon!   

But, if I let us get too busy and distracted, all of the little issues turn into big ones.  And I find myself getting irritated with the kids and housework, instead of seeing them as ways to draw the kids and myself closer to God.  And the kids' issues especially just compound and get out of control, until we live from one 'distraction' to the next. 

That is esp true in this busy holiday season.  There is no shortage of entertainment and toys and distractions for people of all ages.  Most of them very good things.

I have to remind myself often to not let myself get caught up in the busyness of life, but to chose our outside appointments carefully.  They can most definitely enhance our learning and training and overall quality of life, but they can easily overshadow it as well.  There is a fine line somewhere there I'm sure.  I just never seem able to find those!

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