Friday, November 25, 2011

Moses and I-A Lesson Learned

This is our 2nd year reading through the Bible story book Egermeier's.  I LOVE this book and am so thankful to have found it. My husband's parents read it to him and his sisters when they were growing up.  And I managed to find a copy of it for really cheap on

Anyhoo, we are reading about the Israelites as they wander in the wilderness.  And make all kinds of idiotic choices.  And through it all, in my opinion, Moses is a saint. Because of this opinion that I have of him, I really, really struggle with the fact that God did not allow him to go to the promised land because of one mistake.  And literally, every time I read the story, in my own personal reading (which I did last week during one of my detox baths) or with the kids, I cry.  So, I saw it coming and warned the kids. And sure enough, I cried.  Oiy!

The story is found in Numbers 20:1-13.  The Israelites, wandering in the desert, once again found themselves without water to drink, and started yelling at Moses for dragging them away from their heavenly Egypt into this dry and dusty wilderness.  This lead the kids and I into a great discussion about how we often complain about things when we really have no right to, and how our view of life is often skewed.

Moses and Aaron, once again, consulted the Lord in the tabernacle, and He gave the order for Moses to speak to a certain rock, and water would come out of it.  But Moses, being really annoyed this time, yelled at the people and hit the rock with his stick.  A stream of water came gushing out and the people were thrilled.

But God was not so thrilled.  He informed Moses and Aaron that they would no be allowed into the promised land, because of their sin.  God was not glorified, as he should have been, by the water coming out.  Instead, it looked more like Moses managed the miracle with his anger and irritation.

Now, mind you, I have no sympathy for Aaron. I never thought too highly of him to begin with.  But Moses, poor Moses!  He worked so hard for these people, and this is what he gets!?!

I was reading it to the kids, after having a REALLY grumpy week with them the week before, and in the middle of a sorta grumpy week that week.  It dawned on me that I treat my kids exactly as Moses treated the Israelites.  God asks me to train and teach them with love and gentleness and tenderness, and definitely firmness and consistency, but also grace and forgiveness.  And to train them, daily, in the little and big things of life.  And so often, rather then use the tools he has given me, I yell at them, and roll my eyes at them and get irritated at them.  God is not glorified when I do that.  IF they obey, it's for the wrong reasons and ultimately trains them improperly, and to do things for the glory of men, not of God.

I wonder what 'promised lands' I am missing out on by not being faithful in my mission of raising my children to God's glory.  Worse yet, I wonder what 'promised lands' my kids are currently, and in the future, missing out on.  I hate to have that be to my credit at the judgment seat of Christ! Maybe that's why Aaron's two sons were such a mess.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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