Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GAPS Update

Well, Thanksgiving was a real smack in the head as far as my diet goes.  I can't even say I was 'full gaps'.  Although mostly so.  And  I am pretty much full -gaps now.  But, with the holidays here, I'm definitely going to be 'cheating' even on that. 

I still have no desire to eat 'junk' of any sort.  But, the things I will be enjoying over the next month that are non-gaps are the occasional corn tortilla or chip, popcorn and rapadura sweets.  That is pretty much it though.

I am still consuming carrot juice with kefir and yolks first thing, along with 1 tbls of fermented cod liver oil.  And soup with 2 egg yolks, kraut and kefir cream.  I'm quite full, and sometimes wait for the soup until we are half way through school.  For lunch it's meat and veggies, bitters, kombucha and kraut.  My snack is yogurt, 2 egg yolks, a bit of honey and cinnamon.  For supper it's eggs and kraut.  Thankfully we all LOVE the sauerkraut now, so that really helps!  I want/need to try harder to have broth with every meal.  And just keep filling up on the good stuff every day.  I have been having small amounts of honey in my yogurt and eating fruit when it's available-dried, frozen or fresh. 

I am also trying to take at least once detox bath every day.  It works so well to start my day with that and my Bible reading, so that really helps on both ends.  

I am still eliminating on my own.  Woo hoo! If not, I'm pretty sure I'd go back to specific gaps intro.  I am bloated. Goodness, my belly was flat last Sunday, and now today, 8 days later, it's literally sticking out 2 or 3 inches.  Craziness!  I don't feel terribly uncomfortable, although a bit bloated in feeling.  I suspect I should go back to just soups and actually SLOWLY introduce the fruits and raw veggies, etc.  But, again, with the holidays, and since I'm still eliminating, I'm going to keep it as is for now.

In January, we are all going to start intro and work our way through the stages as a family.  I feel I have healed SO much in the last month that it will make it easier for me to keep up with everyone else in the addition of new foods.  Plus I really do believe that I am continuing to heal, as I am still good about including the really healing foods every day.

All in all, I'm so thankful for this experience, and excited to continue to heal.  And, to enjoy my caramel popcorn over the holidays. :) 

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