Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GAPS Day 9, Intro

Yesterday was a good day again.  I did have one decent BM in the morning, a 2 on the charts.  And I can feel there is more that wants to come out, which for me is pretty good. 

I had 6 bowls of soup yesterday. I had 8 raw egg yolks, carrots, onions, peas, chicken and beef.  And for lunch we had liver as a family.  I boiled mine i broth and added it to my soup.  It was yummy and fun to eat.  I'm glad I only had to give it up for one week.  I made steamed beets for the family, and had some.  I just added coconut oil, as I have not introduced ghee or butter yet.  I also had sour cream, beet kvass, cod liver oil, carrot juice and bitters.  I did have 1/4 cup of yogurt, 1/4 cup of kefir, egg yolk and cinnamon mixed, as a treat.  I am trying to stay away from dairy other then fats, as they are known to aggravate constipation.  But I did enjoy the 'treat'. 

I wasn't hungry yesterday and really didn't have any cravings.  My mood was mostly stable, although I wish I did better with the kids overall.  It's coming. 

We enjoyed a trip to the park for an hour.  It was beautiful weather. 

Today I am going to still eat my soups, and probably steam up some more beets.  I love steamed beets!  Oh, and add green pepper to my soup.  I just keep one pot going and keep adding things to it.  My favorite meat is the grass fed roast.  Yum!!!!  I poured a bowl for me last night and next thing I know, it's almost gone, my son ate it.  Goober!  But I really wasn't going to complain. :)

I went for a walk this morning again. 

I am going to hold off on the enemas still longer.  I can feel the pressure on my spine, but no headache.  I am trying to see if I can 'force' my body into going.  I don't want to cause more damage then good, so I'm going to watch myself and pray and just decide day by day. 

I think my intestinal bloating is still better, but it's hard to tell since I haven't pooped much.  I can generally feel if it's gas, or other, based on how my stomach feels to the touch, and it still feels 'soft' when I lay down.  If I'm gassy, when I lay down, it's hard to the touch.  Weird, I know. You learn a lot when you can't go on your own for a whole year!  You start becoming a detective and really paying attention to the 'little things'. 

Looking forward to doing school with the kiddos today.  It's movie day, so after school, one of them gets to pick out a movie on netflix while I go take a nap with daddy. Yeah for all of us! 

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