Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GAPS Day 8, Intro

Well, yesterday was great, until about 6, and then I hit a wall.  An intense wall. 

But it started out great.  I felt the best I'd felt in a long time.  Lots of energy, no bloating.  I did have one decent sized bowel movement, a 2 on the chart, around 10 am.  I definitely need to get more out, but I don't have that headache yet, so I'm going to hold off still. 

I went for a walk in the morning.  It felt great.  I love morning walks!  Made breakfast for myself and the kids and we did school. 

I had carrot, chicken, onion soup with egg yolk and kefir cream for breakfast.  After a cup of carrot juice with yolk and cream and cod liver oil.  I had the same soup for lunch, along with 4 boiled shrimp, which the family was eating. 

I had soup for supper, but added some roast.  Yum!!!! 

I think I had approx 1 quart of broth, cooked carrots and onion, 8 raw egg yolks, chicken, shrimp and roast.  Bitters, cod liver oil and freshly pressed carrot juice and 1 cup of beet kvass.  Oh, and a few tbls of cream from the top of the yogurt container, mixed with egg yolk and cinnamon. 

The kids and I walked to the library.  I seemed to lose energy along the way.  By the time we got back, I was pretty tired.  I had my supper (soup and carrot juice) and then my body seemed to shut down.  It was more like the flu bug hitting me.  I'm assuming it was some major detoxing.  I suddenly got bloated, got a sore throat and headache and stomach ache and nauseous and exhausted.  I took a super hot epsom salt bath, which helped a little.  The kids were great. I put them down a bit early and was asleep by 8:30.  Other then one trip to the bathroom (which is great for me), I slept great until 6 in the morning.  I woke up feeling fine, other then that slight 'hit by a mac truck' feeling when I first woke up.  And I'm still a bit tired.

Now I'm off to do school. I didn't  get my bath/devos in this morning.  But I did have a nice walk. 

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