Friday, November 4, 2011

GAPS Day 4, Intro

Well, I finally woke up not feeling nauseous yesterday morning. Yeah!  I have been very surprised at my lack of hunger the last few days.  Everyone who starts on the intro is ravenous for days.  And they are eating meats and veggies with their stock.  Am I missing something?  

I wonder if it's because my body has already figured out how to get energy from animal products rather then grains, so it wasn't a big problem for me. And I've managed to have a decent amount of fat from the broth and sour cream, in each glass. So technically, it was very filling. 

Mind you I didn't say I haven't craved foods. Pretty much only what I've seen and prepared have I craved. But man have I wanted those! 

My 'cheats' yesterday were a pinch of cinnamon on the egg yolk/yogurt sour cream custard I thoroughly enjoyed.  And a few small pieces of chicken and crispy chicken skin.  I figure they would fall within the actually gaps intro at least. 

Yesterday I also added in carrot juice.  Man, that stuff is tasty on it's own, but after 3 days of only eating broth, it's downright heavenly!  I wonder if I can overdo the stuff. I did add an egg yolk and kefir sour cream to the 3 cups that I had (one at 11 am, one at 3 and one at 8pm-and that was containing myself). 

Today I add in cod liver oil and I'm ridiculously excited about it. The kids think I'm nuts. Ok, maybe I am. 

Yesterday my spirits were considerably higher, although still bummed about not pooping on my own.  I chose not to do an enema last night, but I was considerably less bloated then up til now.  I did take 2 long detox baths. I find in the AM, before the kids are awake is a great time for me.  I do my Bible reading in it.  Getting both done at once is nice, plus I love starting my day spiritually fortified. 

But, I was an absolute bear with the poor kids. They were a mess yesterday and around lunch I started realizing it was a definite possibility that it was me bringing out the worst in them.  We did school, which was good, but bad.  And by the evening, it was painfully obvious that it was me that was the problem.  I apologized to them and told them I needed to be as left along as much as possible until I was able to behave myself more appropriately.  They were great about it.  I am praying today I can run on God's grace and not mine.  Since mine is clearly insufficient!

Yesterday I consumed approximately a 1/2 gallon of broth, 1/2 cup of kefir sour cream, 1/2 cup of fermented veggie juice, 10 egg yolks and 1 1/2 cups of freshly pressed carrot juice. 

I was feeling discouraged over my lack of quick healing and realized how absurd that was. So I read up on the Q&A on GAPS and got all excited again.  I KNOW it takes time for the body to heal. It does, no doubt.  But I want it to heal now.  So I can pout and stamp my foot all I want.  But the reality is that it takes time.  So I was encouraged to read over and over again that the body 'does' heal itself, it just takes time and the proper nutrients.  And from my own experience, I know that is true. 

So I am going to try and turn the whole diet thing back over to God and let him guide me as I move along, and trust that I am doing the right thing and just need to be patient.  Grrr, patience is NOT my strong suit!

Tomorrow I'm planning on adding my bitters back in.  I'm absurdly excited about that also. 

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