Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GAPS Day 2, Intro

Well, day 2 was not too bad. I was not hungry.  I did wake up nauseous, but was over it by noon.  It may have been low blood sugar, or, it may have been my liver cleaning out. 

I consumed approx 1/2 gallon of broth again, with fermented veggie juice and sour cream. That sour cream was so yummy added in! 

I did not eliminate on my own and am trying not to be too disappointed about that.

Around 3 I had some minor diarrhea and a lot of bile came out. Bright yellow, and one little gallstone.  Last fall around this time I did a number of liver and gall bladder cleanses.  I got a lot of stones and bile out, which was a good thing. But I felt like it was stressing my adrenals and I wasn't ok with that. So I was happy to see myself cleaning out again without the fasting and cleanse.  I like my broth salty, so it was probably similar to the epsom salt (only way tastier) and my broth has had a lot of fat, so that was like the olive oil.  I'm guessing. 

At night, I did an enema again and got out tons of bile. I hope and pray that my liver getting cleaned out will help me to digest my food better and help me to start eliminating on my own. Ohhh, I hope so!!!

I followed up my enema with a hydrogen peroxide bath and bed by 10.  I had a decent night's sleep, but I did wake up at 4 nauseous.  I peed and went back to bed and was fine. 

I woke up tired, but  not nauseous this time.  Both of the kids are under the weather, so I could be fighting something as well.

I've already consumed 2 cups of broth, with fermented veggie juice, sour cream and...yeah.... raw egg yolks. Each bowl had 3 egg yolks, so I've had 6 all told,and it's only 8:30.  Oh, and while making the kids their soup,I did have a few small pieces of chicken.  oops.

I'll post again tomorrow morning. 

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