Friday, November 11, 2011

GAPS Day 11, Intro

Yesterday was a good day.  I don't seem to be detoxing much, and I find my soups very filling and tasty. 

I have been able to get a detox bath almost every morning since starting, and every evening. 

I seem to have settled into a sort of schedule at the moment that is working for me.  I wake up, walk if I'm up early enough and it's nice outside.  And then I take a baking soda bath while I read the Bible.  And then I get to breakfast.  The kids drink a glass of carrot juice, and I add an egg yolk and kefir cream to mine.  And then I drink a cup of beet kvass, followed by my soup (I add an egg yolk and kefir cream to that as well, although I ran out this morning and won't get more until tomorrow night when I go to the farms), which I generally eat with the kids.  They drink a kefir smoothie, which has kefir, egg yolk, honey and some fruit or vanilla or cocoa powder, and they have a bowl of their own soup (with spices I am not eating yet) with cream in it also. 

And then we do chores and school.  Drew has taken to eating breakfast when he wakes up.  I save some kefir back for him, add an egg yolk and juice some carrots to add to it.  He likes it. And I also give him some berry yogurt.  I love that he is eating breakfast finally!!  (I do a LOT of dishes, but it's worth it)

After school, I prepare lunch.  We eat lunch together, but I eat my soup/yolk/cream/kvass.  I make Drew supper and send him off to work.  The kids get their afternoon berry yogurt snack.  I take some yogurt, mix it with an egg yolk and a pinch of cinnamon and eat that as my snack. It's pretty tasty!

For supper, the kids generally have eggs and kraut and milk, and I have more kvass and soup.  After I put them to bed, I generally take an epsom salt bath and then I'm off to bed .

It's a good schedule for the time.

I have had a BM every morning for a week now.  Yeah!  Not a lot, but some.  Today was the best so far.  The easiest and most.  Yeah for progress!!!  No headache, so I shall continue to go without my enema.  I can feel it on my spine, but not terribly yet, so I shall carry on status quo.  I have 'cheated' and had some sauerkraut the last few days, and man is it yummy!  I shall add that in daily, along with scrambled eggs and raw veggies next week.  And watch for reactions.  Woo hoo!!!

Oh, and I have decided to start drinking kefir throughout the day, even though it's not the cream.  I won't do a lot of it since I am still constipated technically.  But I figure a glass consumed throughout the day will be best for repopulating my gut with all of those good bacteria. 

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