Friday, November 5, 2010

Found-Goals for 2009

I found my goals for 2009, I just didn't publish them on my blog. :)  So here are my goals from last year.  

1. Food:
-3 meals a day-real meals, breakfast, lunch and leftover supper
-mostly only soaked grains
-little/no sugar (honey and maple syrup are fine)
-little/no processed food
-fermented veggie, dairy and/or drink w/every meal
-take daily as supplements: apple cider vinegar, whey, coconut oil, cod liver oil, salt water

2. Children:
-homeschool daily-get into a better pattern and more creative
-daily bible study with them
-Stop yelling at them (this has gotten bad lately, and I know it needs to stop)
-attitudes I want to purposely cultivate-gratitude, respect, selflessness, honesty, obedience, intelligence, courage, joy, eat and like nourishing food, curiosity, love for life and learning, kindness, wisdom, self control,
-be active together at least twice a week-soccer/team sport, park, walk
-set a limit, either 1 or 2 times a week with an actual movie time, or 1/2 hour/one show a day-not sure yet.

3. Me:
-Less grouchy/moody
-In bed by 9:30
-Read scripture daily
-Less internet-set a limit
-Cut the junk out, as it's totally in control of me right now

4. Money:
-Cancel both CCs
-only spend money after talking it over
-set up and stick with a budget, food budget
-use any extra for paying off credit card instead of spending on other things

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