Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GAPS Update

Well, Thanksgiving was a real smack in the head as far as my diet goes.  I can't even say I was 'full gaps'.  Although mostly so.  And  I am pretty much full -gaps now.  But, with the holidays here, I'm definitely going to be 'cheating' even on that. 

I still have no desire to eat 'junk' of any sort.  But, the things I will be enjoying over the next month that are non-gaps are the occasional corn tortilla or chip, popcorn and rapadura sweets.  That is pretty much it though.

I am still consuming carrot juice with kefir and yolks first thing, along with 1 tbls of fermented cod liver oil.  And soup with 2 egg yolks, kraut and kefir cream.  I'm quite full, and sometimes wait for the soup until we are half way through school.  For lunch it's meat and veggies, bitters, kombucha and kraut.  My snack is yogurt, 2 egg yolks, a bit of honey and cinnamon.  For supper it's eggs and kraut.  Thankfully we all LOVE the sauerkraut now, so that really helps!  I want/need to try harder to have broth with every meal.  And just keep filling up on the good stuff every day.  I have been having small amounts of honey in my yogurt and eating fruit when it's available-dried, frozen or fresh. 

I am also trying to take at least once detox bath every day.  It works so well to start my day with that and my Bible reading, so that really helps on both ends.  

I am still eliminating on my own.  Woo hoo! If not, I'm pretty sure I'd go back to specific gaps intro.  I am bloated. Goodness, my belly was flat last Sunday, and now today, 8 days later, it's literally sticking out 2 or 3 inches.  Craziness!  I don't feel terribly uncomfortable, although a bit bloated in feeling.  I suspect I should go back to just soups and actually SLOWLY introduce the fruits and raw veggies, etc.  But, again, with the holidays, and since I'm still eliminating, I'm going to keep it as is for now.

In January, we are all going to start intro and work our way through the stages as a family.  I feel I have healed SO much in the last month that it will make it easier for me to keep up with everyone else in the addition of new foods.  Plus I really do believe that I am continuing to heal, as I am still good about including the really healing foods every day.

All in all, I'm so thankful for this experience, and excited to continue to heal.  And, to enjoy my caramel popcorn over the holidays. :) 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Oiy with the Common Sense

Wikipedia says 'Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as, "sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts." 

Ok, so that sounds really simple.  I think I have mostly prudent judgement.  But... I seem to lack in the 'simple perception of the situation or facts'.  Why?   Why for pete sake!?!  Is it something I can correct over time, or will it be a stumbling block for me for the rest of my life?  We're talking 'COMMON' sense here!!  It's COMMON!!!

It's a serious cause of frustration for me.  Grrr!  I miss the obvious so stinkin' many times, it's not even funny!  

My poor husband feels really bad pointing out the obvious to me, but he is finally coming to realize that although he graciously considers me to be one of the wisest people he knows, I have no common sense.   Figure that one out!

I just had to complain.  I feel a bit better now.  

Friday, November 25, 2011

Moses and I-A Lesson Learned

This is our 2nd year reading through the Bible story book Egermeier's.  I LOVE this book and am so thankful to have found it. My husband's parents read it to him and his sisters when they were growing up.  And I managed to find a copy of it for really cheap on

Anyhoo, we are reading about the Israelites as they wander in the wilderness.  And make all kinds of idiotic choices.  And through it all, in my opinion, Moses is a saint. Because of this opinion that I have of him, I really, really struggle with the fact that God did not allow him to go to the promised land because of one mistake.  And literally, every time I read the story, in my own personal reading (which I did last week during one of my detox baths) or with the kids, I cry.  So, I saw it coming and warned the kids. And sure enough, I cried.  Oiy!

The story is found in Numbers 20:1-13.  The Israelites, wandering in the desert, once again found themselves without water to drink, and started yelling at Moses for dragging them away from their heavenly Egypt into this dry and dusty wilderness.  This lead the kids and I into a great discussion about how we often complain about things when we really have no right to, and how our view of life is often skewed.

Moses and Aaron, once again, consulted the Lord in the tabernacle, and He gave the order for Moses to speak to a certain rock, and water would come out of it.  But Moses, being really annoyed this time, yelled at the people and hit the rock with his stick.  A stream of water came gushing out and the people were thrilled.

But God was not so thrilled.  He informed Moses and Aaron that they would no be allowed into the promised land, because of their sin.  God was not glorified, as he should have been, by the water coming out.  Instead, it looked more like Moses managed the miracle with his anger and irritation.

Now, mind you, I have no sympathy for Aaron. I never thought too highly of him to begin with.  But Moses, poor Moses!  He worked so hard for these people, and this is what he gets!?!

I was reading it to the kids, after having a REALLY grumpy week with them the week before, and in the middle of a sorta grumpy week that week.  It dawned on me that I treat my kids exactly as Moses treated the Israelites.  God asks me to train and teach them with love and gentleness and tenderness, and definitely firmness and consistency, but also grace and forgiveness.  And to train them, daily, in the little and big things of life.  And so often, rather then use the tools he has given me, I yell at them, and roll my eyes at them and get irritated at them.  God is not glorified when I do that.  IF they obey, it's for the wrong reasons and ultimately trains them improperly, and to do things for the glory of men, not of God.

I wonder what 'promised lands' I am missing out on by not being faithful in my mission of raising my children to God's glory.  Worse yet, I wonder what 'promised lands' my kids are currently, and in the future, missing out on.  I hate to have that be to my credit at the judgment seat of Christ! Maybe that's why Aaron's two sons were such a mess.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four Times!

Yeah, I evacuated (pooped) 4 times today!!  Woo hoo, I'm so excited!!!  It's working, it's really working.  They are getting less dry, which means that the time it takes to move through the digestive system is getting back to normal. 


If you don't appreciate the little things....

GAPS Day 24-Intro

Woo hoo!  I am going, regularly, and not quite as dry-ish.  Yeah!!!!  It's not perfect yet, but it's so nice to be going in the right direction.  It's been over a  year since I stopped eliminating on my own.  And I'm finally going!  I hope it's to stay.

And that is in spite of the fact that I have 'cheated' way more then I intended.  I have had 'licks' of honey and berries that I put in the kids yogurt.  I've been deathly afraid of sweet anything, as I have candida issues, and I know they tend to feed any parasites/worms also.  But, I have not gone into 'crave' mode, and no unusual itching.  I'm still not going to indulge in the stuff for my own sake, but it's nice not to be scared of bits and pieces.  And, with thanksgiving tomorrow, there is no way I'll be able to resist it all entirely.  I could totally resist things that are non-gaps, but otherwise, not so much.  So, again, I'm not going to go crazy over it all, but I shall enjoy licks and tastes and maybe even a piece of my raspberry pie.

I've had some raw veggies, and it seems ok.  And I've had some raw cheese.  Both are fine on full gaps, but both can be a bit difficult to digest, and until I'm going regularly, I want to eat as simple as possible.

I am still having lots of soup, although it seems less the last few days.  I've had it for 2 of 3 meals the last 2 days.  I also had scrambled eggs yesterday and they seemed fine.  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!  It's nice to progress.  I do still get this big belly now and then, but it does not come with any discomfort, so I am not going to stress over it too much.

My feet hurt just a bit last night in bed and it reminded me of last year when I was in so much pain, I could barely stand.  Boy am I glad that is over! I also realized that last year my feet burned when I took a bath.  Esp if I had just come from a walk and they were cold.  Yesterday I went for a walk, and got into the tub for my morning detox bath and scripture reading, and I realized that I had an expectation of them burning and having to keep them out of the water.  And they didn't.  I had forgotten all about that until yesterday though.  I also always have cold feet when it's even remotely cold in the house.  I wear my trusty wool socks and I'm fine.  I wonder if I now have better circulation in my feet and won't need the socks as much.  Hum....

Last year I also remember feeling like my bones were so fragile and would break at the drop of a hat, almost literally.  It was such an awful feeling.  I definitely do not feel that way anymore.  And I'm so thankful!!  It's horrible to be 32 and feel 80.  I really think I would have broken a bone ridiculously easy, but I'll never know for sure.  I think, assume and hope that my bone density has increased greatly.  Woo hoo!!  

My back still does not hold an adjustment as long as I like, but it's better overall.  It seems worse after laying down, like there was pressure being put on it while in that position.  So many clues, but I don't know what they're telling me!?! 

My mood is still off, but it seems to be getting better in dribs and drabs, so that is ok.  The kids are off, fighting over everything under the sun.  Myia is angry again and Samuel is poking and annoying (horrible combination!).  And I am convinced that it's my parenting, but I'm not sure exactly what to do about it.  So I'm praying on that front at the moment . I want to get back to where we can all be together and enjoy ourselves.  Not every second is that bad, like it used to be.  But it's still more selfishness then is necessary and I want to get it back under control.  Geesh, so much depends on a mother, it's too much pressure!  'If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy' is such a true statement!

But, all in all, I see growth in myself, in all areas of my life.  Not just from GAPS, but it is certainly helping! 

I have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving.  Of course, not technically more then any other year, as God says to give thanks in EVERYTHING.  But I 'feel' more thankful this year. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

GAPS Day 20-Intro

Well, I think I've given up hope of ever properly digesting anything besides soup, ever again.  *sighs*  It's not really that bad. And I'm so thankful to have something that tastes good and is not expensive, that I CAN digest.  It's better then having nothing at all!

Thursday I bought the kids each an apple, and they didn't finish them.  I HATE throwing food away, but I knew I had to do it.  Yet I waited, and looked at them, and drooled and whined and eventually talked myself into eating just a few bites. Yikes!  Within 20 minutes I was so bloated I looked like I was pregnant (without that cute pregnant glow).  I had a few other minor 'cheats' that day, but I'm fairly certain it was the apple.  I have never in my memory, been able to eat apples (raw), carrots (also raw), starburst or skittles without having this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Isn't that an odd combination?  What can those things possibly have in common to cause the same weird feeling in my stomach?  I've never figured it out, still clueless.  But I do know from experience, that my body does not digest apples well. I am hoping that I will in time, heal enough to eat apples without any bloating or weird feelings.  Obviously I'm not there yet.

Other then some residual bloating and what seems to be some minor detoxing last night, I am feeling pretty good.

I still start most mornings with a walk and a detox bath where I do my daily Scripture reading. 

I am still eating the same diet as earlier in the week.  I did add warm water with lemon squeezed into it.  I really dislike lemon water, but it's supposed to be great for constipation, so I finally sucked it up and added that to my morning routine.  So I start my day with that and try to wait 20 minutes.  And then I drink approx 1 cup of carrot juice, mixed with 1/2 cup of kefir and one raw egg yolk.  I take my cod liver oil with that, as it washes it down quite nicely.  I am taking approx 1 tbls of the FCLO at the moment.  That is a bit high, but I'm only taking that much for now.  You can't OD on the fermented stuff, so I'm not worried about that.  I try to wait another 20 minutes or so before eating my soup with veggies of any sort, some garlic powder and meat.  I let it cool a bit and add 2 egg yolks and some kefir cream and sauerkraut.  The kids have the same thing basically as myself for breakfast.

Phew, it's a cleanup job after all of that!  But we have managed to do school every morning, and start by 9.  So that makes me happy.  It's a lot of food and I'm quite stuffed for some time. I should wait on the soup probably, but it makes it complicated with school and all. 

For lunch I try and eat what I am feeding the family if possible, and eat a bowl of soup with kefir and egg yolk added.

Snack is 2 yolks and approx 1/2 cup of yogurt and some cinnamon.  I like to freeze it for a bit so it's almost like ice cream.  I miss the honey, but it's still tasty enough for now.  The kids get yogurt with honey and berries.

Supper for the kids is eggs, and I still haven't added in scrambled eggs for me  yet.  I just do my soup routine with the yolk and kraut and kefir cream.

Oh, and I have beet kvass as often as I can.  Generally just before a meal, I'll drink 1 cup.

I have been quite faithful to eliminate every morning.  Still a 2 on the charts, so the transit time is too long.  But it's better then a kick in the head with a wet sneaker as they like to say (who says that, I really don't know).  No enemas yet, although I'm not convinced I'm doing the right thing there.  

And I do my best to end the night with an epsom salt bath.

I'm learning more about how the body works, and I like that.  I am also privileged to have 2 very close people doing the gaps diet right now with themselves and their families, so that has been helpful and encouraging to me.  And I am always learning something new from them.

I will continue status quo for the time being. 

I am so thankful that I am friends with the Creator of this universe.  I do wish he would share the secrets of the human body with me more freely, but I am encouraged that he does know, and he does care, and he will lead me, as long as I am willing, to allow my body to heal.

I am praying that as I unravel my own issues, that it will help me in dealing with my family's health issues. I feel like a detective, trying to gather all the clues and use them to my advantage.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Money Attitude

I prefer major changes in general. But God seems to think that those are not generally in my best interest (I'm guessing it's pride-related, but who knows).  One change I've seen in myself recently, is in my over-all attitude toward money.  It's small and a bit subtitle, but I'm still rejoicing nonetheless.

I have come to appreciate that Drew and I have 'chosen', not 'been forced' to live on less, while having me stay home with the kids.  We also have 'chosen' to spend extra money on food for healing, rather then insurance, doctors, co-pays, etc.  We have 'chosen' to train our children at home instead of sending them to an institution.  They are our choices, and how blessed we are to live in America where we have the freedom, resources and encouragement to do those things. 

So rather then moping about because we drive an old car, or live in a rather crummy neighborhood (it's not really that bad, but I am a bit embarrassed to have friends over-see pride again) and can't go on vacation, etc, like others around us, I am starting to truly appreciate that it's our choice.  And that is really freeing for some reason.

Instead of telling the kids 'we can't afford that', I am learning to think and say 'we don't choose to spend our money (and hence, our time and energy) on that'.  Isn't that great?

There is nothing wrong with being able to afford other things.  But there is also nothing wrong with not being able to afford them.  Because, let's be honest, if I REALLY want something, I figure out how to get it.  :)

We could change our priorities around if we chose.  But our priorities are what we chose.

Granted, there is still some residual 'suffering consequences for past actions' as we pay off our rather large credit card debt.  But, they ARE getting paid off, and we are still eating and living well. 

It's freeing to see my attitude toward money slowly change from one of bondage to one of freedom.  God is good!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GAPS Day 16, Intro

Well, I'm still about the same place as I was the last time I posted.  Which is ok.  I didn't 'go' yesterday or Sunday hardly at all.  And I was starting to panic and had decided to do a small enema tonight to clear out the rectum.  But, thankfully, I went this morning. Yeah!  And while it couldn't possibly be enough for 3 days, it was a decent amount and I felt good afterwards. So hallelujah to that!

I am consuming soups with well cooked veggies, meats and egg yolks.  I am doing carrot juice with egg yolk and kefir cream and cod liver oil first thing in the morning (although this morning I started with warm water with lemon in it, as it's supposed to be a 'laxative' on an empty stomach-who knows, since I went before i had the water), followed by soup with 2 egg yolks.  For lunch I have the same thing, along with kombucha (2 weeks fermented and no juice added) with my bitters in it, and some cultured carrots or sauerkraut or pickle.  For my snack I have some yogurt mixed with an egg yolk and cinnamon.  And supper is the same meal as the rest.

So, like I said, I'm at about the same place.  I didn't want to add scrambled egg or ghee until I wasn't constipated, so I might try making the ghee today.  It would be nice to add the scrambled eggs in.

I am doing ok.  I feel good, although a bit grumpy with the kids still (I am turning that into a spiritual battle at the moment and hoping to find victory over it), esp in the evenings.  I am doing my 2 baths most days.  I am reading in Leviticus for my OT reading and I Thessalonians for my monthly NT reading.  School is going well.  I am looking really good as far as weight.  I do not want that to be my reason for continuing, but it's a nice 'nudge' when I'm wanting some food I'm not ready for!

I really do think I'm digesting my food for the most part.  Yeah!!  I just need to get my elimination better.  I might have seen some worms/parasites again today, which is a bit discouraging.  I also suspect I saw candida in my saliva today.  Again, discouraging, but, not really.  More just a reminder that I need to keep off the sweet things a bit longer to get my gut balanced with those critters.  And it's good to know my body is doing what it's supposed to do.

For the moment, other then maybe trying the ghee and gently scrambled eggs, I'm going to keep on what I'm doing.  My goal is to consume 6 raw egg yolks a day, broth with every meal, veggies and a limited amount of protein (enough to make me feel full, but not enough to constipate me more), my fclo, bitters, carrot juice and lots of cultured foods every day.  I feel those are the most healing foods and long-term, will really heal me up. 

I'll 'cheat' as little as I can, and when I feel I am ready, I shall add in something else from the next 'stage' of gaps.  I am hoping to add in avocado and spices before too long as well.  My food is easy, tasty and filling for the most part.

I am also thinking through the possibility of doing one day a week of just broth.  Humm...   No reason if I don't think it will facilitate healing.  But, if it will, then it's something I'd like to consider. 

My goal is proper, real digestion of all foods I eat.  Is it possible?  We'll see.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

GAPS Day 12, Intro

I'm very excited to report that I had BM twice yesterday and for the first time in a year, I felt good afterwards instead of like there was more there. Woo hoo!!!! 

I shall continue as I am now.   Morning and evening baths when possible, soups for meals, with cream and egg yolk.  Lots of probiotic foods and drinks throughout the day.  I am going to hold off on the fruit, nuts and honey as long as I can. 

I will revisit intro when I do it with my family in January and maybe, when I reintroduce fruit and honey with them, I'll do the same with myself.  But I an convinced they are a major problem with me, so I want to give my body a chance to really heal before trying them.

I am going to stop the daily updates for now.  I don't have that much to say. :)  But I am very happy with where I am at week 2 and look forward to continued healing and adding in additional foods as my body seems to be able to handle them. 

To God be the glory, great things he is doing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

GAPS Day 11, Intro

Yesterday was a good day.  I don't seem to be detoxing much, and I find my soups very filling and tasty. 

I have been able to get a detox bath almost every morning since starting, and every evening. 

I seem to have settled into a sort of schedule at the moment that is working for me.  I wake up, walk if I'm up early enough and it's nice outside.  And then I take a baking soda bath while I read the Bible.  And then I get to breakfast.  The kids drink a glass of carrot juice, and I add an egg yolk and kefir cream to mine.  And then I drink a cup of beet kvass, followed by my soup (I add an egg yolk and kefir cream to that as well, although I ran out this morning and won't get more until tomorrow night when I go to the farms), which I generally eat with the kids.  They drink a kefir smoothie, which has kefir, egg yolk, honey and some fruit or vanilla or cocoa powder, and they have a bowl of their own soup (with spices I am not eating yet) with cream in it also. 

And then we do chores and school.  Drew has taken to eating breakfast when he wakes up.  I save some kefir back for him, add an egg yolk and juice some carrots to add to it.  He likes it. And I also give him some berry yogurt.  I love that he is eating breakfast finally!!  (I do a LOT of dishes, but it's worth it)

After school, I prepare lunch.  We eat lunch together, but I eat my soup/yolk/cream/kvass.  I make Drew supper and send him off to work.  The kids get their afternoon berry yogurt snack.  I take some yogurt, mix it with an egg yolk and a pinch of cinnamon and eat that as my snack. It's pretty tasty!

For supper, the kids generally have eggs and kraut and milk, and I have more kvass and soup.  After I put them to bed, I generally take an epsom salt bath and then I'm off to bed .

It's a good schedule for the time.

I have had a BM every morning for a week now.  Yeah!  Not a lot, but some.  Today was the best so far.  The easiest and most.  Yeah for progress!!!  No headache, so I shall continue to go without my enema.  I can feel it on my spine, but not terribly yet, so I shall carry on status quo.  I have 'cheated' and had some sauerkraut the last few days, and man is it yummy!  I shall add that in daily, along with scrambled eggs and raw veggies next week.  And watch for reactions.  Woo hoo!!!

Oh, and I have decided to start drinking kefir throughout the day, even though it's not the cream.  I won't do a lot of it since I am still constipated technically.  But I figure a glass consumed throughout the day will be best for repopulating my gut with all of those good bacteria. 

Your Money or Your Life, by Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez

Hah, today is 11-11-11. Kind of cool.

So, I have been praying for years that God would control mine/our money.  I feel like he has taken control of so many areas of our lives-food, relationships, education, entertainment.  I really think that God is 'in the driver's seat' in those areas, for the most part.  And I'm so thankful for that.  But...  when it comes to money, I feel like I'm totally in control-and that is BAD.  Because I can't control it, because I don't know enough, don't have enough self control and don't know the future well enough to be truly 'in control' of money.  And it's definitely NOT a strong point in Drew's life. :)

So, I've been praying for some time that God would take control over it.  I've read and heard lots about tithing and giving to others.  We don't do either.  I feel we can barely keep our head above water, much less do more.  So is it a lack of trust?  I don't think it's that, or not just that anyway.

For some odd, frustrating reason, the only way I can change something is really to study it and understand it, and then somehow, it just assimilates without me trying real hard.  It's weird, and nice in some ways, but frustrating that I can't just 'do' something that someone suggests.  But, I know it will get done once I'm ready, so that is nice.

So, on that note, I've been waiting for a few years for God to step in and start the process on the money.  I've tried to force it now and then, but it's never been successful.

But, lately, I've had an inkling of an idea, that the money thing is about to start.  Granted, it often takes a few years to see any fruit.  But I'm happy to see the rumbles of change anyway.

I have read Larry Burkett, Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey and recently Radical Homemakers.  Each one has given me a little more of the big picture.  While reading Radical Homemakers, I read about a book called 'Your Money or Your Life' by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

I really enjoyed it and found one more 'piece' to put into my money puzzle.  Like many of the other books, they have a '9 step program' to follow.  But yet, it's the overall relation to money that I took from it.  

The 9 steps are:
1. Making peace with the past.
2. Being in the Present-Tracking your Life Energy
3. Monthly tabulation
4. Three Questions that will transform your life:
    -Did I receive fulfillment, satisfaction and value in proportion to life energy spent?
    -Is this expenditure of life energy in alignment with my values and life purpose?
    -How might this expenditure change if I didn't have to work for a living?
5.  Making life energy visible
6.  Valuing your life energy-minimizing spending
7.  Valuing your life energy-maximizing income
8.  Capital and the Crossover Point
9.  Managing your finances

What I really liked was the overall idea of tabulating how much you make-after subtracting taxes, clothing, services, travel, housing/taxes in more expensive areas and any 'spoiling' we do to make up for our lack of fulfillment from our job.  So often, if you account for everything, truly and honestly, you could live on so much less and still live just as comfortably.

Also, I loved the idea of, once you have figured out how much you make 'per hour' at your job, after all expensive taken out as mentioned above, then, every time you are about to purchase something, consider how many 'life hours' it would take to make that purchase.  It's black and white and honest.  It just puts things into perspective.  Sometimes it's definitely worth the life hours.  And sometimes it's not.

I don't make any money outside the house presently.  My husband is the sole breadwinner in the house.  My 'job' is to save as much as I can, to make his go further.  But, we still have a lot of 'extras' that we could live without, if it wasn't for his job.  Especially because we live in basically a 'suburb' of NYC.  Cost of living is very high here, as a general rule. 

Now, I know that because of sin, we all need to work.  Life is hard. Even for the few who are 'financially secure', life is hard. If it's not one struggle, it's another.  So for us, it's not a matter of trying to get Drew to sit home all day and do nothing.  But rather, how best he can use his time and energy.  We are to use every minute of our life to God's glory, and if we are wasting all our time and energy on things that bring him no glory, and are too exhausted after it is all done, to reach outside ourselves.  Then I think it wise to reconsider.  And give it all to God to help you put into proper perspective. 

What that means for us exactly, I have no idea.  But I am praying that God would guide and direct us over time, so we can use our time, energy and money to his glory.

We realized Drew spends approx 750 hours a year commuting!  That's a lot of 'wasted time'.  He handles it well mostly, but he definitely does not like his commute.  Some people love that time, to read, rest, meditate, etc.  But for others, it's a 'waste of time'. Esp as our priorities change, it seems more frustrating.  Not only are we wasting our money, but we're wasting our precious time as well!!

Baby steps. Opening eyes to see life differently.  Seeing outside the box.  All of that.

I so look forward to the sanctification God is/will do in my life in this area.  Bring it on, I'm ready to be RADICAL about it!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

GAPS Day 10, Intro

Yesterday was fine.  Nothing unusual in the form of detox or exhaustion or cravings. Although I do sooo want some raisins right now. :)

I had a nice walk yesterday morning, followed by a detox both of baking soda, when I read I Thessalonians and a few chapters of Egypt.  It's amazing how stubborn those people are!  The parallels to my own life are sadly obvious.  BUT, God did not give up on them, and I know he will not give up on me either.

Yesterday I started the day with my usual carrot juice mixed with an egg yolk and kefir cream. I consumed 6 bowls of soup containing roast, chicken, carrots, peppers, onions, peas and the spice from a bay leaf.  That was a nice addition.

I also consumed probably 2 cups of beet kvass throughout the day, my usual bitters and cod liver oil and some yogurt mixed with egg yolk and cinnamon.  I was mostly satisfied throughout the day.

Oh, I also tried my fermented mackerel and fermented sardines.  I was scared to try them, but they tasted a lot like canned salmon.  The texture was a bit more slimy, but not too bad.  I can snack on them throughout the day, but it will take some creativity to get my family to eat it.  I'll figure that out eventually though.  :)

My bloating has not returned.  I did have one relatively small #2 bowel movement yesterday morning and this morning.  I have done so for the last 5 mornings.  I like the regularity.  My back hurts because of the need for more evacuation, but otherwise, I'm doing ok, so I am going to hold off on the enemas still.

I also have not seen what I am quite sure are worms/parasites in my stools lately, so I hope and pray I have gotten the better of those.  And I have not been itchy like I always am, nor have I craved sweet things intensely like I usually do (other then raisins, but even that has not been intense), so I also hope and pray that my candida is finally getting under control.  Woo hoo!!!!

I stayed up late reading The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.  I'm still not done, but had to finally put it down around 11 when I couldn't stay awake any longer.  Which means that I slept in this morning and that has thrown all of the morning off.  But with the time change last weekend, we're still doing ok.

Kids have finished their chores, so it's time to start school. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GAPS Day 9, Intro

Yesterday was a good day again.  I did have one decent BM in the morning, a 2 on the charts.  And I can feel there is more that wants to come out, which for me is pretty good. 

I had 6 bowls of soup yesterday. I had 8 raw egg yolks, carrots, onions, peas, chicken and beef.  And for lunch we had liver as a family.  I boiled mine i broth and added it to my soup.  It was yummy and fun to eat.  I'm glad I only had to give it up for one week.  I made steamed beets for the family, and had some.  I just added coconut oil, as I have not introduced ghee or butter yet.  I also had sour cream, beet kvass, cod liver oil, carrot juice and bitters.  I did have 1/4 cup of yogurt, 1/4 cup of kefir, egg yolk and cinnamon mixed, as a treat.  I am trying to stay away from dairy other then fats, as they are known to aggravate constipation.  But I did enjoy the 'treat'. 

I wasn't hungry yesterday and really didn't have any cravings.  My mood was mostly stable, although I wish I did better with the kids overall.  It's coming. 

We enjoyed a trip to the park for an hour.  It was beautiful weather. 

Today I am going to still eat my soups, and probably steam up some more beets.  I love steamed beets!  Oh, and add green pepper to my soup.  I just keep one pot going and keep adding things to it.  My favorite meat is the grass fed roast.  Yum!!!!  I poured a bowl for me last night and next thing I know, it's almost gone, my son ate it.  Goober!  But I really wasn't going to complain. :)

I went for a walk this morning again. 

I am going to hold off on the enemas still longer.  I can feel the pressure on my spine, but no headache.  I am trying to see if I can 'force' my body into going.  I don't want to cause more damage then good, so I'm going to watch myself and pray and just decide day by day. 

I think my intestinal bloating is still better, but it's hard to tell since I haven't pooped much.  I can generally feel if it's gas, or other, based on how my stomach feels to the touch, and it still feels 'soft' when I lay down.  If I'm gassy, when I lay down, it's hard to the touch.  Weird, I know. You learn a lot when you can't go on your own for a whole year!  You start becoming a detective and really paying attention to the 'little things'. 

Looking forward to doing school with the kiddos today.  It's movie day, so after school, one of them gets to pick out a movie on netflix while I go take a nap with daddy. Yeah for all of us! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GAPS Day 8, Intro

Well, yesterday was great, until about 6, and then I hit a wall.  An intense wall. 

But it started out great.  I felt the best I'd felt in a long time.  Lots of energy, no bloating.  I did have one decent sized bowel movement, a 2 on the chart, around 10 am.  I definitely need to get more out, but I don't have that headache yet, so I'm going to hold off still. 

I went for a walk in the morning.  It felt great.  I love morning walks!  Made breakfast for myself and the kids and we did school. 

I had carrot, chicken, onion soup with egg yolk and kefir cream for breakfast.  After a cup of carrot juice with yolk and cream and cod liver oil.  I had the same soup for lunch, along with 4 boiled shrimp, which the family was eating. 

I had soup for supper, but added some roast.  Yum!!!! 

I think I had approx 1 quart of broth, cooked carrots and onion, 8 raw egg yolks, chicken, shrimp and roast.  Bitters, cod liver oil and freshly pressed carrot juice and 1 cup of beet kvass.  Oh, and a few tbls of cream from the top of the yogurt container, mixed with egg yolk and cinnamon. 

The kids and I walked to the library.  I seemed to lose energy along the way.  By the time we got back, I was pretty tired.  I had my supper (soup and carrot juice) and then my body seemed to shut down.  It was more like the flu bug hitting me.  I'm assuming it was some major detoxing.  I suddenly got bloated, got a sore throat and headache and stomach ache and nauseous and exhausted.  I took a super hot epsom salt bath, which helped a little.  The kids were great. I put them down a bit early and was asleep by 8:30.  Other then one trip to the bathroom (which is great for me), I slept great until 6 in the morning.  I woke up feeling fine, other then that slight 'hit by a mac truck' feeling when I first woke up.  And I'm still a bit tired.

Now I'm off to do school. I didn't  get my bath/devos in this morning.  But I did have a nice walk. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

GAPS Day 7, Intro

Well, yesterday was the best day so far.  I felt so good.  My hormones mostly straightened out.  I finally was able to see my precious 1st graders at church after a whole month.  I had energy all day and felt great.  Even my skin feels softer then usual.

I started the morning with my bible reading in a bath of baking soda.  I'm starting to really like that in my bath! 

For breakfast, I first juiced carrots and added an egg yolk and kefir cream, and I take a tbls of cod liver oil with it.  And then I made a soup of broth, salt, carrots and chicken, added 2 egg yolks and sour cream, and ate some of that before heading out to church.  I also made my mineral water and brought that along to church.

Drew was exhausted and sick, so he stayed home.

It was great to be back to church again.  And I felt so great, so that was a bonus. I'm used to being hungry on diets, so this feeling of being satisfied is odd for me. 

For lunch I just heated up my soup again.  And added one yolk and kefir cream.  Oh, I've been trying to drink diluted beet kvass 3 or 4 times throughout the day.  It's not great tasting, but it's not terrible either.

I did have a small bowel movement on my own, a 2 on the charts.  Still no headache, so I am forgoing the enemas yet another day.

I was surprised how much less broth I consumed yesterday.  I'm guessing it was around 2 cups!  Yikes, that is a lot less then 1/2 gallon or 16 cups! I did still eat about 10 egg yolks, 1 cup of beet kvass, 1/4 cup of kefir cream, 2 cups of carrot juice, 2 tbls of cod liver oil and some chicken and carrots. 

I dialogued with someone else starting gaps intro this weekend.  It's so fun to hear people's stories of how such simple, traditional, old-fashioned, REAL foods affect people.

Myia, poor dear, was a mess.  Her breathing was a mess, she had an eczema rash thing on her neck and side (which she has seldom has in her 8 years and many health issues), and her stomach was terribly bloated.  The 2 things she consumes that are non-full gaps are raw milk and lime-soaked corn tortillas.  All traditional, good foods, but hard to digest.  Her milk intake has been really low lately and she had 2 corn tortillas last night, but other then that, nothing since last Sunday night.  I suspect that it might have been a stress reaction to my grumpiness this past week.  I don't know for sure, and may never know.  But I know that girl's digestion is extremely sensitive, and I was extremely grumpy and stressing her out.  So it's possible.  I'll watch her, and if it doesn't get better in the next few days, we'll have just soups for a few days. It always seem to help whatever is wrong.

I also fear that with her breathing issues, she has developed bad breathing habits. Both Saturday night and Sunday night, she was really physically active, and I wonder how much that messes her up.  And how in the world to correct it.

Plus Drew thinks her breathing issues could be ticks, which would make sense with my grumpiness.  But her bloating is definitely not a tick.  Her elimination is fine, although a bit light, meaning she is not digesting her fats real well at the moment.  But that comes and goes. It could also be cyclical. I watch her pretty closely and it's possible that her body is just going through a cleansing cycle.

Who knows, who knows.  Her diet is very clean for the most part, so I really do believe that we are moving forward, not backward.  I'm so thankful I found gaps and the principles in it, to guide me in feeding and healing my family! 

Anyway, last night I had an epsom salt bath (while reading Wilkie Collin's Woman in White) and then had another bowl of soup, but this time I had added some chopped onions which had cooked for a few hours.  Yum!!!!!  I also added the yolk and sour cream and had a glass of beet kvass.  I slept great and woke up rested this morning.

I even woke up early enough to go for a walk. I don't think I ever adjusted to the day light savings time and now my body is back in rhythm.  Weird.  But I do love my morning walks!! The earlier the better.

Man, it feels good to feel good!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

GAPS Day 6, Intro

Well, yesterday was the best day yet.  My energy was higher and my mood, finally, was much more stabilized. Yeah!  I also did have one bowel movement, type 2, and kind of small.  But, it was there none the less. :)  I have not done an enema since day 3.  But I've not had that 'headache' that means I really need one, so I've let it go.

I did feel like a lot of pressure in my stomach was released yesterday, and my overall bloating was also taken down a few notices.  I got my period this morning, so that explains a lot of that. 

I consumed the same as usual, approx 1/2 gallon of broth, 10 egg yolks, 1/4 kefir cream, 2 cups of carrot juice, and 1 tbls cod liver oil.  I also added in bitters yesterday with some lemon juice.  I wonder if that was a bit part of my mood stabilizing.  It seemed to get better around that time.  Who knows. 

Drew was under the weather, plus he had a flea market, plus he had a father/daughter dance, but he managed it.  Now I expect him to sleep until it's time to go to work on Monday. Poor guy! 

I took 2 detox baths, one baking soda and one epsom salt. I am beginning to really like the baking soda ones.  I feel like they make my skin softer and less itchy all over.  

I could not drink my last cup of broth last night.  I shredded some carrots into it and cooked it for an hour, and had a few bites of that.  Today I'll eat more well cooked carrots and for supper I will probably add chicken. Yeah!!!  I'll probably add some dried herbs tomorrow, along with onion.  So, I'm basically onto the 'real' intro gaps diet. 

Yeah for 'real food' that I can consume with a spoon. I've been very happy with how it has gone down, but man, it's hard to only drink broth for days!  I'm thankful for some real food.  Now I'll go through the diet, still adding one food back in at a time.  I started the fish fermented yesterday, so I look forward to trying that in a few days.  And I'll add back in beef and beets, and then hopefully ghee.  And then scrambled eggs.  *droolling*

Off to enjoy my 'real' carrots!  :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

GAPS Day 5, Intro

Yesterday wasn't too bad. I was hungry more, but I suspect it's because my  broth wasn't as fatty and gelatinous. It wasn't so much hunger as it was a lack of fullness. I added my fermented cod liver oil. I had a spoonful twice yesterday, washed down with carrot juice. Yeah!!!  Trying to heal without cod liver oil just seems silly.  :)

Yesterday I consumed about the same as the day before.  Approx 1/2 gallon of broth, 10 egg yolks, 1/4 of kefir cream, 1 cup of beet kvass and 2 cups of carrot juice. Nothing measured, all approximates. 

I am so emotional and messed up, it's driving me crazy!  But I'm fairly certain it's pms, so I'm trying to wait it out before I try to start solving any 'problems'. 

Drew is sick, and the kids are off. Although I'm fairly certain their 'offness' is because of my emotional instability.  Man, a mom's job is really important in a family!  And emotional stability is extremely helpful and hard to live without.  No wonder we were such a mess for so long. It's hard not to look back and be discouraged.  But I'm so glad my God is bigger then my mistakes.  And I'm so thankful he has allowed me to see it before my kids were too old.  I am truly blessed!

Today I add in my swedish bitters.  Woot woot!  Again, healing without them seems counter-intuitive.

I had less bloating yesterday, which feels good.  I looked pretty darned good. But I have to remember that that is NOT why I'm doing this. :) 

I had 2 baths last night. My first one in the morning, while doing my bible reading, and the 2nd one at night with my last cup of broth. 

I also had a much needed adjustment.  I so hope someday to NOT need those!  At least not as often. 

I pray I do better with the kids today.  I hate not meeting their needs.  They have so many right now, and I am the only one that can meet them. I still find it hard to believe it used to be this bad all the time! 

Oh, I am reading I Thessalonians for my monthly NT reading.  I want to make this my theme for my healing.  '23Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.'

That is my goal.  To have my whole self sanctified and kept blameless until He returns.  I'm so thankful that HE will do it, and not me!  To God be the glory.  

Friday, November 4, 2011

GAPS Day 4, Intro

Well, I finally woke up not feeling nauseous yesterday morning. Yeah!  I have been very surprised at my lack of hunger the last few days.  Everyone who starts on the intro is ravenous for days.  And they are eating meats and veggies with their stock.  Am I missing something?  

I wonder if it's because my body has already figured out how to get energy from animal products rather then grains, so it wasn't a big problem for me. And I've managed to have a decent amount of fat from the broth and sour cream, in each glass. So technically, it was very filling. 

Mind you I didn't say I haven't craved foods. Pretty much only what I've seen and prepared have I craved. But man have I wanted those! 

My 'cheats' yesterday were a pinch of cinnamon on the egg yolk/yogurt sour cream custard I thoroughly enjoyed.  And a few small pieces of chicken and crispy chicken skin.  I figure they would fall within the actually gaps intro at least. 

Yesterday I also added in carrot juice.  Man, that stuff is tasty on it's own, but after 3 days of only eating broth, it's downright heavenly!  I wonder if I can overdo the stuff. I did add an egg yolk and kefir sour cream to the 3 cups that I had (one at 11 am, one at 3 and one at 8pm-and that was containing myself). 

Today I add in cod liver oil and I'm ridiculously excited about it. The kids think I'm nuts. Ok, maybe I am. 

Yesterday my spirits were considerably higher, although still bummed about not pooping on my own.  I chose not to do an enema last night, but I was considerably less bloated then up til now.  I did take 2 long detox baths. I find in the AM, before the kids are awake is a great time for me.  I do my Bible reading in it.  Getting both done at once is nice, plus I love starting my day spiritually fortified. 

But, I was an absolute bear with the poor kids. They were a mess yesterday and around lunch I started realizing it was a definite possibility that it was me bringing out the worst in them.  We did school, which was good, but bad.  And by the evening, it was painfully obvious that it was me that was the problem.  I apologized to them and told them I needed to be as left along as much as possible until I was able to behave myself more appropriately.  They were great about it.  I am praying today I can run on God's grace and not mine.  Since mine is clearly insufficient!

Yesterday I consumed approximately a 1/2 gallon of broth, 1/2 cup of kefir sour cream, 1/2 cup of fermented veggie juice, 10 egg yolks and 1 1/2 cups of freshly pressed carrot juice. 

I was feeling discouraged over my lack of quick healing and realized how absurd that was. So I read up on the Q&A on GAPS and got all excited again.  I KNOW it takes time for the body to heal. It does, no doubt.  But I want it to heal now.  So I can pout and stamp my foot all I want.  But the reality is that it takes time.  So I was encouraged to read over and over again that the body 'does' heal itself, it just takes time and the proper nutrients.  And from my own experience, I know that is true. 

So I am going to try and turn the whole diet thing back over to God and let him guide me as I move along, and trust that I am doing the right thing and just need to be patient.  Grrr, patience is NOT my strong suit!

Tomorrow I'm planning on adding my bitters back in.  I'm absurdly excited about that also. 

Christmas Trip Menu

My MIL has paid for the whole family to stay 2 nights in a hotel for Christmas, the last 2 years.  And we love it! The kids esp love swimming with the cousins and eating together and watching movies together. 

The first year I brought most of our food.  Then last year I brought our food, plus extra for the rest of the family.  It was a hit.  Now, this year, I'm a far better cook, and far more confident and healthy.  And I have an idea of what the family likes and how to pack for a hotel. 

And, since we are snowed in from church, I'm feeling Christmas-y and plan-y.  So I have the menu planned out.  We will probably eat one meal out (Myia and I will have to eat what I brought, but the boys can eat out), and the rest of the family will eat out more. But, I'll put the spread before them, let them know what is available and that we will be eating in our 'restaurant/hotel room' and they can join us whenever they like.  Whatever does not get eaten will be leftovers for us.  :)  I'm really excited about it.  

Here it is:

-banana bean cake/muffins
-strawberry yogurt (1/2 gallon)
-mango smoothie (1/2 gallon)

-onion slices
-ham sliced
-roast sliced
-Sauerkraut carrot salad
-egg salad with ham

-Corn Chowder
-Taco Soup

-apples, bananas, tangerines, grapes
-corn chips, fermented salsa, fermented guacamole
-caramel corn
-candied nuts

-raw milk
-grape and apple juice (with whey for enzymes)
-iced tea
-grated cheese
-sour cream

I plan on freezing the soups and heating them up in the crock pot.  It worked great last year.  All disposable utensils and plates/bowls. 

It's so fun to be organized!  Now let's see if I can pull it off......

Thursday, November 3, 2011

GAPS Day 3, Intro

Well, yesterday was pretty rough.  I still wasn't hungry, but I did eat more chicken, maybe a few tbls total.  I gave in when I was getting it ready for the kids. :)  It's allowed on intro, I just thought I'd try to hold off on solids until I was eliminating on my own regularly.  Not sure I'm going to be able to stay without solids for too long.  So right now my goal is to stay with them for one week.  And then add back in meat and veggies, so I'll be on the 'real' intro. 

Yesterday I was really nauseous until around noon.  I couldn't stand up.  Which meant I could barely get breakfast for the kids and myself.  And we didn't do school at all, except read from our book.  Drew gave me a coconut oil back rub and that seemed to really help.  But I'm always amazed at how mental my sickness gets.  I was so overwhelmed and discouraged.  I finally realized I was being irrational, but didn't know what rational was, so I asked Drew to be my rational.  It's nice knowing I can lean on someone else when my brain is malfunctioning.  I wonder if everyone gets utterly depressed when sick.  I've noticed that about myself for some time now.  Depression has been something I've battled off and on for most of my life.  I wish I knew the cause-spiritual, chemical, emotional.  all of the above?

Finally around noon I felt almost 100% better.  I had more broth with egg yolk, kefir sour cream and fermented carrot juice.  I also took the cream off the top of the yogurt and mixed in egg yolk.  It needed honey,but was still a nice change in texture.  And I can't do honey yet, since I know candid is a major issue with me. 

I managed to get lunch for everyone,and supper for Drew to take to work.  And then the kids and I went out to see their cousins, who we hadn't seen since we got back from Iowa. Those darned kids grow too fast!  I love my niece and nephew and was excited to see them again. But,of course, it was all about the cousins.  So I shall have to have them over here sometime for longer so I can interact with them again.  We stopped at whole foods on the way home, since I had 2 more cups of broth left in the house.  We bought a roast chicken for supper, which I promptly put on the stove for broth (and ate some) and started cooking another chicken so I'd get extra broth.  today if I am up for it, I think I'll google butcher in the area and see if I can find some free or cheap beef bones instead of always chicken.  Plus it gets expensive.  Oh, I really should get some fish heads for fish stock, but that stuff is nasty. 

I did an enema, mostly nothing except more bile.  I'm quite discouraged over the fact that I'm still bloated.  I couldn't possibly be getting bloated from what I am eating. It has to digest properly.  So is it from food before Monday or something else?  I went to be quite discouraged over it.  But prayed and gave it to God. And will probably have to do that 10 times more today.  It's his body, and I'm doing what I believe he has lead me to do.  So I have to trust in the results and not let it consume me.  Much easier said then done for me.

I slept great.  I finally did not wake up nauseous and so far, so good this morning.  I already had my first cup of broth with egg yolk, fermented veggie juice and kefir sour cream. And had no problem with it. Kids are not awake, so I haven't really tested myself yet. 

Today I am going to add in freshly juiced carrots, mixed with my sour cream and egg yolk. Drew has asked for that as well.  I hope he likes it.  I might add in my fermented cod liver oil today also.  I should only do one at a time, so we'll see.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GAPS Day 2, Intro

Well, day 2 was not too bad. I was not hungry.  I did wake up nauseous, but was over it by noon.  It may have been low blood sugar, or, it may have been my liver cleaning out. 

I consumed approx 1/2 gallon of broth again, with fermented veggie juice and sour cream. That sour cream was so yummy added in! 

I did not eliminate on my own and am trying not to be too disappointed about that.

Around 3 I had some minor diarrhea and a lot of bile came out. Bright yellow, and one little gallstone.  Last fall around this time I did a number of liver and gall bladder cleanses.  I got a lot of stones and bile out, which was a good thing. But I felt like it was stressing my adrenals and I wasn't ok with that. So I was happy to see myself cleaning out again without the fasting and cleanse.  I like my broth salty, so it was probably similar to the epsom salt (only way tastier) and my broth has had a lot of fat, so that was like the olive oil.  I'm guessing. 

At night, I did an enema again and got out tons of bile. I hope and pray that my liver getting cleaned out will help me to digest my food better and help me to start eliminating on my own. Ohhh, I hope so!!!

I followed up my enema with a hydrogen peroxide bath and bed by 10.  I had a decent night's sleep, but I did wake up at 4 nauseous.  I peed and went back to bed and was fine. 

I woke up tired, but  not nauseous this time.  Both of the kids are under the weather, so I could be fighting something as well.

I've already consumed 2 cups of broth, with fermented veggie juice, sour cream and...yeah.... raw egg yolks. Each bowl had 3 egg yolks, so I've had 6 all told,and it's only 8:30.  Oh, and while making the kids their soup,I did have a few small pieces of chicken.  oops.

I'll post again tomorrow morning. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GAPS Day I, Intro

Well, day one wasn't too bad all things considered.  I wasn't really hungry all day, but I wanted the foods I fed to the kids.  But I managed to have self control.

I believe I drank approx half a gallon of broth.  Chicken and beef mixed.  I added  a few cloves of garlic and some ginger and lots and lots of celtic sea salt.  I need that for some reason, to be able to drink it.  I added the juice from some fermented carrots every time.  And I also made up ginger tea, strong, and squeezed some lemon into each cup.  I tried not to drink much plain,cold water, but I wasn't entirely successful there. 

I didn't have any major cravings. But I did have a hard time not eating the foods I made for the rest of the family. 

I wasn't hungry for the most part. I went to bed feeling mostly full. 

I had a 'real' bowel movement in the morning, before even drinking broth.  But that was the last one of the day.  I was bloated so I did an enema before bed, followed by a detox bath.  Yikes, my digestions is soo messed up!! 

Oh, I also started with a detox bath, and then had another on in the afternoon.

Ideally, I'd like to do 3 detox baths a day, one epsom salt, one hydrogen peroxide and one baking soda.  I'd like to occasionally do raw apple cider vinegar, and some ginger now and then also. 

I am keeping a daily diary to see what I eat, how I feel, bowel movements, etc. 

I went to bed feeling fine, but woke up tired and nauseous.  I did sleep well though. 

To God be the glory.