Monday, October 31, 2011

Starting GAPS Intro Today

Well, I've been 'planning toward this' for 3 1/2 years now.  I am finally going to do the intro of GAPS myself. I am hoping/planning on my family joining me in January.  But I decided I have the most serious digestive issues and will take the longest to get through the stages, so I hope to start it today, and work my way slowly through them until I am able to properly digest and eliminate my food.

I realize it is going to be super hard to eat only soups when I am preparing regular, yummy, nourishing food for my family.  I think that will be the hardest part for me.  I expect to stay on the early stages for a bit longer then most.  I really expect (but then, who knows) to be onto intro with the family within a few weeks.  But I know I'll take longer to heal.

One thing that I love, is that last year at this time, I was so much less healthy. My bones were so weak, I had chronic fatigue still.  Was detoxing all the time.  I had leg cramps and headaches often.  I was really irritable-all the time.  Now, a year later, I am doing so much better in all of those areas.  I can see how much I have healed in the last year.  But....  I have not pooped regular, on my own, since this time last year.  I've had to use enemas regularly.  Sometimes I'll go some, but never all.

And it was a problem I had had all my life. But last summer I started going regular and it felt so good! And then I stopped.  I spent a weekend eating processed foods and came back 'stuck'.

So I find it ironic that I have obviously NOT digested my food properly for a year, but yet have still healed.  And I have no doubt that it is because of my daily consumption of bone broth, good saturated fats, raw egg yolks, kefir, yogurt, vast quantities of celtic sea salt, swedish bitters and fermented cod liver oil.

Good foods can't heal you if you can't digest them. But all of the above foods need little or no digestion to be assimilated.  I am so thankful I pushed those foods this past year, in spite of my chronic constipation!

But... now I'm ready to 'go on my own'.  And I really think the GAPS is the way to do that.  I am going to start with garlicky broth and kraut juice for a day, and then add in kefir sour cream the next day, and raw egg yolks the next.  And I hope to stay there until I am going on my own regularly and easily.  I am going to use this chart as a way to see how well I am digesting my food.  And as I add foods back in, I will watch my elimination closely to see if I am digesting it.

I hope to add in my swedish bitters and fermented cod liver oil after the yolks. And then after that, add a meat or veggies, well cooked, each day, and see what it does to me. 

I'll post on here as I see changes.  Hopefully good, and hopefully quickly. ;)

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