Monday, October 10, 2011

How Much Money is a Mom Worth?

I've seen these lists floating around the internet for years.  It's fun to read them. 

The MOM Song, by Go Fish is a great song about just that.  How much work a mom does, but yet never gets 'paid' for it. 

I thought it would be fun to list the jobs I do myself, and how much I would have to pay (annually) if I were to pay for each one 'full-time'.  I may 'overshoot' a bit..... But I'm allowed, I'm the mom. ;)

1.  Teacher-$40,000
2.  Doctor-$100,000 (we could include the price of medicine and healthcare in that one, it's a bit high)
3.  Nanny/babysitter $30,000
4. Chauffeur-$20,000
5.  Cook $30,000 (it does, after all, include finding food sources, preparing and cleaning up afterwards)
6.  Shopper $1000 (I have no idea what this would include, but it implies my thrift store shopping is not for naught)
7.  Entertainer $5,000 (activities, movies, etc.)
8.  Maid (cleaning the house, although my kids are starting to really help out with that, maybe I should pay them...)
9.  Launderer $1000

That is as far as my creativity carried me. 

But here are some ways that we I do save money.  A penny saved is a penny earned.

1. $40 a month saved by hanging my clothes to dry rather than using a dryer
2. $20,000 annually by using food as our healer rather then modern medicine (including health insurance, deducatables for visits and medicine, surgery, time lost to healing, etc.). 
3. Unspecified for chiropractic care.  I clean on weekends and get free adjustments for myself and my family.  Best use of time ever!!!!!!
4.  $400 a month by using our old, beat up car rather then buying a new one. 
5.  $500 for 'curriculum'. Instead, we mostly use books I find at the thrift store for super cheap.  Granted, I won't 'skimp' on this.  I prefer what we find as opposed to some thought out curriculum.  But if I find something I feel the kids will benefit greatly by, I'll pay as much as necessary for it.  Thankfully, it's seldom necessary.
6. $1000 annual for clothes.  We get mostly hand-me-downs, and thrift store finds.  But I think we dress quite cutely and comfortably. 
7.  $2000 This is a random guesstimate, for making almost everything from scratch.  But, truthfully, I do not skimp on food quality (other then non-organic produce).  I just prefer to make it all myself.  We eat mostly GAPS foods.  Lots of good meats, fats and broth, and we fill in with veggies and we dessert on fruits.  We hardly ever eat out, which gets really expensive over time also. 
8. $1000 annually on gas and wear and tear on car.  By not going all over tarnation and planning trips wisely, and by driving a small car that is insanely good on gas.
9. $2000 annually by sending food to work with Drew rather then him buying it in the city.  

I think that is enough to be considered a part-time job. :)  

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