Friday, September 2, 2011

What IS Important?

I used to think that I could answer that question for everyone.  I am realizing, finally, that I can not.  It must be answered by each person, each family, and it changes in different circumstances.

But Drew and I do agree on an overall consensus of what is important for our family.

1.  Spiritual health

2.  Physical health

3.  Mental health

If we give our kids nothing but a deep, abiding awe, fear and love for God, e will consider ourselves successful parents.  After all, this life is short, but eternity lasts forever. 

God first did a huge work in my life regarding my spiritual deprivation.  And was gracious to get me into the Word daily.  And then he set me on my long journey of learning how to care for our bodies.  They are, after all, the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are commanded to take care of them.  After getting all of that somewhat under control (ok, not even, but we had started on the right path anyway), God started really opening my eyes to the need to educate my children's minds and hearts

He has been so gracious to slowly unfold these all in my life.  If I had seen the serious deficits all at once, I'd have thrown in the towel and given up.  But thankfully, he did it slowly and surely.

And I hope, and pray, that He will keep me accountable to those priorities, in that order, the rest of my life.  Education is extremely important.  Taking care of the body is important.  Both are mandated in Scripture.  However, our spiritual health must take priority at all times.  The others will come naturally if our spiritual lives are in order.

As for the little, day-to-day priorities, family time is high on the list, as is reading good books, honesty, character development and truth and hopefully soon, we'll add service to those less fortunate. 

I am so thankful to look back and see all that the Lord has taught me.  I am prideful and stubborn and dense, but I CAN and DO learn-eventually.  Hallelujah!!

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