Friday, September 9, 2011

Our 2011/2012 School Year

I'm excited about the upcoming school year.  We officially started on Tuesday.  I posted here about our schedule for last year.  It didn't work out perfectly, but we definitely had an over-all good year.  Lots of learning and trying and discarding as necessary.  I'm learning that I don't have to have it all figured out at first, but can, and should, change as we go.

I was hoping to do more reading over the summer, but it never happened.  I hope to do better next summer with that.  

I still want to keep the general format from last year.  Wake up, eat breakfast, clean up, do chores, read something Scripture-oriented, do math and reading and any table work, followed by reading a book.  We still use our book reports and like them as a way to think, see how far the kids have come, and have a record of what we have studied. 

I am not planning on doing 'half hours' even though I probably should.  I just don't have enough time to do that and get our family lunch ready.

I also hope to do more reading in the afternoon then we did last year.  Or, planned activities of some sort.  I hope to play more board and card games with the kids.  And we are planning on getting a family pass to the Liberty Science Center, which is only half an hour from here. So I plan to go there every 2 to 3 weeks.  I also want to have a movie night, where we watch good movies, that help us to think and see the world around us.   We currently have Netflix and have found some good ones, surprisingly.  I tend to shun movies, but have felt like that was throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  We will do a movie report on them, same as we do for books and activities. 

We are also going to Iowa for 3 weeks in October, and we will probably not do any school then, other then some reading in the morning.  I don't see me bringing the big saxon math books along, and I hope they spend the vast majority of their time outside.

I think the biggest changes I plan to make this year are changing some of our table time.  Not a lot really.   But some.  I hope to do Eggermier's Mon, Wed, Fri and Tues/Wed I hope to find something more 'Precepts' to do with the kids, where we interact with an actual text more.  Also, I plan to start going over math facts together, and adding geography one morning, based on what I learned in 'The Core'.  I'm super excited about both, but esp the geography.

I also hope and pray that one big change from last year is I will be more organized with my cleaning and cooking so I won't be 'stressed' the whole time I'm doing school.  I have to have lunch ready by 1ish, and have Drew's supper ready by 2, when he leaves for work.  So I often found myself checking my 'to do' life for lunch while doing school, and it distracted me and made me more irritable with the kids.  I need to be more prepared for lunch/supper, so I can be confident and focused on the kids while doing school.  For cleaning, I have found that I can not concentrate if my house is a mess.  I don't know if I need to work on that, or just work on keeping my house cleaner.  I'll try for both. 

I also am looking forward to reading more difficult books with the kids this year. We'll still do some 'easy ones', but I'm amazed at their ability to listen to, and comprehend, harder texts.  It's so fun to see them grow!

Oh, I also hope to find or start a book club for Myia to join this year.  That one is still far from happening.

Lord, I give this school year to you.  Thank you for the growth in myself and the kids over the last year.  I pray for the same in the upcoming year.  I thank you for the ability to learn about your amazing creation, and to learn from history and other's mistakes.  Make us more like you this year. 

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