Friday, September 23, 2011

Minding your Own Business, by Raymond and Dorothy Moore

I had heard of Minding Your Own Business, by Raymond and Dorothy Moore for a few years, but had not actually ordered it through my library.  I finally got around to it, and I'm glad I did, esp after reading Radical Homemakers.  It was a natural book to follow up with.

I was actually surprised with the content.  I had in my head, that it was simply a list of ideas for 'cottage industries' or home businesses.  That is a natural way of teaching skills and character to your children, while also providing income.  But it actually had a lot more then that.

And it makes sense really, after reading and thinking about it.  We can't start with some random money-making schemes.  We need to have our priorities set first.  We need to be sure our homes, relationships and finances are in order first.  So the first part of the books talks about that aspect of home management.  He quotes Larry Burkett extensively.  I need to read more of his stuff. Our finances are definitely NOT in good order.  And he seems to be a wise, godly mentor in that area.

The Moores discuss their own stories growing up, and how they learned to save rather then spend everything.  To sacrifice for the future, as hard as that can be.  They talk about recycling and not spending more then you have, about cleaning and organizing your home and time.  And they end that section with some ideas for serving others. Once your own life is in order of course.

After that, they devote the rest of the book to Home Industries.  They discuss why it's important to have children work with their hands and minds in tandem.  Which is a truth I am starting to see.

They give ideas for businesses from home, some ideas of the legalities involved and suggestions for learning more . They talk about how to find capital for starting bigger businesses (although they generally encourage small enterprises that don't need any start-up funds like bread baking, car washing, babysitting, etc.).  And they give a number of stories of families who have started their own businesses.  Some families have started numerous ones, spawned from only one.

I am not currently ready to start down that road with the kids.  But I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for such ideas over the next few years, and praying that God will open our eyes to any possibilities.

My dreams are kind of big at the moment.  :)  I want a farm where we have a few milk cows and make all nutrient dense food stuffs, esp broths and ferments, which we can sell as a family.  We'll see if God allows that, or if he steers us elsewhere.  No matter what we do, I pray we glorify him through it all. 

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