Monday, September 12, 2011

Funny Kid Quotes

I love that I can 'indoctrinate' my children.  Esp when I'm convinced it's true.  :)

Today, Samuel and some boy were 'wrestling'.  I don't generally encourage my kids to wrestle with strangers, but, it was kind of cute how it came about.  The kids was 3 years older then Samuel.  He stops and says 'Oh man, what do you eat?'.  I told him 'Cod Liver Oil and chicken broth'.  He thinks a bit and says 'Oh wow, you're lucky'.  My kids were not sure how how to take that. 

As we were out walking a bit later, Samuel watched a teenaged boy climbing up a pole. It was very impressive, and Samuel was duly impressed by his strength and prowess.  He remarks 'Wow, he's really strong, he must eat raw fish or something'.  I tried real hard not to laugh out loud.

I talk to my kids ALL the time about, well, everything.  We discuss anything and everything and it's amazing how much we all learn through it.  It's so much fun!

It's really fun to see how their minds work, and to realize that the things we talk about really do sink in!

It's so cute and fun to see where conversations lead to in any given hour of any given day.

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  1. That's so cute! I, too, enjoy the way younger children sometimes interpret things and draw conclusions ... That's where we can always find plenty of funny kid quotes.