Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Quote-Soups of the World

I have another funny quote I don't want to forget.

We have a book called 'Children Just Like Me'.  We have had it for a few years and have only read about a few of the children.  Each page or 2 features a child from a different part of the world.  It gives a lot of great 'kid-friendly' information.  It tells what they wear, where they go to school, what they study, who their siblings are, what they do for fun, where they live.  It is filled with pictures.  It's 15 years old, but still relevant enough to be interesting and fun.

We added it to our pile of school books for the year and have been reading it during breakfast most mornings.  The kids take turns picking out who they want to read about.

One day Myia was reading through the book on her own and she says 'Mommy, almost all of them eat soup every day'.   She was shocked.  She thought only WE ate soup every day.  It led to a great conversation about why so many people all over the world eat soup. Because it's cheap, easy and soo good for you.  It is a staple, passed down from generation to generation, in most, if not all, people groups in the world.

See here for a great article on broth from the Weston A. Price Foundation.

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