Thursday, June 2, 2011

Funny Conversations

I was having a conversation in my head. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that. :)

I was telling someone about Myia's issues with her anger/behavior, breathing issues, food sensitivities, environmental and food allergies, etc.

And they asked 'Is she on medicine?'. 

My answer: 'No, she's on food'.

I was amused by that for some reason.  You can either be on 'medicine' or on 'food'.  And since you have to eat food anyway, you might as well go that route!

I love that food can and does heal the body.  It's restricting in some sense, but also very freeing in others.

We were eating soup and the kids didn't want to drink their broth.  So I gave them an object lesson.  I showed them the rest of the broth in my bowl, mixed in with some homemade sour cream from grass fed cows.  It was yummy, but, there was more to it then that.

So I showed them the broth and said 'You see this?' mysteriously.  And they both looked and were all excited to hear what I was going to say.   'Some people spends hundreds of dollars every month on 'supplements', like vitamins and minerals and probiotics, and all that.  And I believe that most of it can't be used by the body properly anyway, and it ends up causing more harm them good (expensive pee).  But God graciously showed me how I could use real food, which we have to eat anyway, to provide the body with those same nutrients, in the most ideal way for the body.  And that 1/4 cup of broth/sour cream in my bowl was worth as much as bottles and bottles of nutrients, and more.  But most people pay a ton of money for the pills'.  And then Myia pipes up 'Yeah, and they still have to buy food for themselves on top of that!'  It was cute, they were quite impressed and happily finished their broth.

I love cooking with real food, while healing the body.  God is so good!

Ahh, if only healing the soul was that easy.  Wait, it is.....

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