Friday, February 11, 2011

Drew Quotes

You know when the wife really gets into something, but the husband doesn't. Well, we did that for a few years.  Thankfully, I finally started to realize that nagging and obnoxious behavior was not helpful.  Too bad it took me so long!

But, I did realize that I had my work cut out for me, to help him to see what I saw. That food really does affect a person in all capacities.  I knew I was on to something, but to get him to see it was going to take some work.  And respect.  And a lot less nagging and attitude.

A few weeks ago, he was out running some errands and ended up at a big warehouse-type store.  I had been meaning to stop in to see what they sold for years and just never did.  So I asked him what they sold there.  His response 'Shelves and shelves of high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals.  It was ridiculous'.  I couldn't help but laugh. It's true and so sad to realize that is what feeds the majority of Americans now-a-days.  It fed us for years. 

A few days ago he was with his family and they were talking nutrition and he sounded like a downright pro (I got his side of the story).  It was cute to hear him talking about things I've been saying for so long.

He is definitely not as 'crazy' as myself about it.  And that is probably best.  We need the balance.  But he definitely sees how food affects a body now.

And, another quote, that had me laughing out loud was 'Yeah, the cat is a much nicer thing to be around, you have him on the cat's version of GAPS'. Oh, I died!  

My cousin recently bought Nourishing Traditions and has been reading and implementing a lot of the food preperations and recipes in the book.  She and her husband were watching a segment on nutritious foods on tv the other day and they were talking about oatmeal.  He says 'Wouldn't it be healthier if they soaked it first?'.  She was pretty excited.  :)

And she hasn't even nagged him!  God's way is always best....


  1. Sarah, hello! You may not remember me, but I was one of those that you generously sent a scoby and kefir grains to! I saw that you had commented about my son's autism videos on my blog and I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you hello. The scoby is currently hibernating in the refrigerator while we're on GAPS Intro, but I intend to bring it back out when life settles a bit. I pray life is going smoothly for you!

    Take care,

  2. Thanks Janice. I thought I had sent them to you, but I couldn't remember for sure.
    Your story was so encouraging!!