Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back and Looking forward

It's fun to look back and see where we were last year and how far we have come.  I was pleasantly pleased to read last year's post on 'resolutions'.  Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees.   So looking at such lists is helpful for seeing the big picture. 

Looking back at 2010's goals:

Spiritually-I was staying in the Word and growing closer to the Lord until mid November.  Since then I've been stagnant, but look forward to getting back into a routine.  My goals for my prayer life did not happen, maybe this year will be the year of implementing prayer regularly. One thing that I finally came to terms with is the concept of the 'elect'.  It's something I've struggled with so long and this year I can finally say I have come to appreciate why God worked that way. 

Emotionally- My main issues were nutritional/biochemical, and I can see major improvement in those areas.  And we have been working on better habits now that our brains are more clear. 

Marriage-Drew and I are doing so much better then 2 years ago.  It's very exciting!  This year we have been able to work on our own issues more since being more clear-headed and healthy.  God esp has been using the last few months to work on my respecting of my husband.  It has slowly evolved over our 9 years of marraige, each time going a little deeper.  It's hard to let go of things, but God is showing me that life is so much better if I do.

Parenting-Broken record... Well, I did not make a lot of the actual changes that I hoped to from last year. so they will be this year's goals.  But overall, the kids are doing much better and Drew and I are able to train them more then in the past.

Education-Same as the others.  Definitely happy with the changes and the things I've learned and I want to continue to learn and implement more.

Financial, same as last year.  We have our credit card debt down quite a bit and we'll keep chipping away at it.  We have mostly managed to live within our means.  Not perfectly, but definite progress.

Nutrition-same as last year.  I'm soo happy with where we are, but there is always room for improvement. 
Some highlights from last year's nutrition goals: We like liver!!!  that is great.  But, we still can't handle canned salmon without major groans.  GAPS is more doable, as we are eating more traditional and liking it more. We consume a lot of bone broth, but still not great on the fish broth.  I cook with coconut oil and make cookies with them, so we consume a lot of that.  We don't do CLO like I'd like, just because of the money.  And cheese making hasn't happened either.  Still working on the fermented foods also. 

And my number one goal of bringing God glory in all we do, well, I'm actually very happy with that one.  There will always be room for improvement, but I can see how it has become more a part of our very fibers, to want to bring glory to God in all we do.  Which is very exciting! 

Looking forward to 2011:

Spiritually-To just keep growing closer to the Lord.  To be in the Word regular and let it saturate my very being.  I'd like my prayer life to improve, but I have wanted that for so long I hardly think it's possible. I think as I draw closer to the Lord, my prayer life will improve.  A lot of my issues with prayer are a lack of understanding it's power and place in the Christian's life.  Also, I hope to grow more in grace this year.   Not sure where this goal belongs, but a desire I have for 2011 is to better understand what motivates the 4 of us, and to use that information to help us to make good choices in every area of our lives. 

Emotionally-To continue to keep our physical brains clear so we can work on our sin issues of the heart.  I hope to see improvement in all of our moods, but esp mine at night with the kids.  I tend to get grumpy and I want to stop.

Marriage-To continue to give ourselves to God and see his plan for marriage, and to make that our own plan as well.  Which includes me learning to truly respect and honor my husband.  Not just act respectful, but to truly, deeply respect him.  I feel I made such huge strides last year, I hope to see just as many this year.  I also will hope again this year, that we will find a way to be in the Word and in prayer regularly together.

Parenting-To continue to train and teach.  Esp to concentrate on character development and skill learning.

Education-To get through Egermeier's.  We still have not done that.  And to read lots and lots of books.  To concentrate on spending more one on one time with them (half hours we call them), and really getting to know who they are and how God made them, so we can mold them properly. 

Financial-same as last year.  To learn to live within our means and continue to pay down our debt.  
Nutrition-I hope to see us continue to eat traditionally and enjoy it.  To continue to heal our bodies and to give them what they need, while detoxing what they don't need.  Specific goals for 2011:

1.  To find ways of eating well when we're with others.  For myself esp, to find foods that we can have when others are eating with us, that are truly nourishing, but enjoyed by all.  As well as more 'picnic/to go' foods.

2.  To eat fermented foods with every meal.  I've had that goal for some time, and for some reason, I find it difficult.  

3.  To afford and take fermented cod liver oil daily.

4.  To find a source of grass fed meats/fats/organs that we can afford.

5.  Continue to find natural cures and remedies.  

6.  Find more 'grain free' foods to enjoy.

7.  Work more towards finding ways of enjoying canned salmon

8.  Possibly do the GAPS diet this summer.

9.  To find ways to consume homemade fish broth regularly. 

And, like last year, my Number One goal for 2011-and life-is to glorify God in all we do.  Ultimately, that is all that matters.

Dear Lord, I pray for the coming year.  I thank you that your grace is sufficient and your mercies are new every morning.  I pray for my myself, my husband and my children.  I pray that you would be glorified in our lives, in every little thing, as well as every big thing.  I praise you that not only can I wish for that, but I can truly 'hope' for that.  Knowing that you will complete the good work that you began in all of us.  Thank you that you have called us to you.  I pray for your peace and power and wisdom for 2011.  I pray that we would draw closer to you, that we would come to know you better every day through your Word.  I pray for wisdom in all of the decisions we will have to make in the coming year.  I rest in the truth that you will work ALL things out for our ultimate good.  AMEN

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