Monday, November 1, 2010

Yeah for Progress!!

Like my friend and I say 'Progress is good'. And it truly is.  I find myself wishing for more progress, more quickly.  But God has been showing me that slow is better, it makes for more long-term, REAL changes in one's life. 

The kids and I walked to the park last week.  It was so beautiful out and we were enjoying the fallen leaves, nice breeze and sunshine on our faces. 

Our park has a big army tank that was used in one of the World Wars (I'm assuming).  It's big and fun for the kids to climb on.  Thankfully they have never fallen and hurt themselves.  Now, they have been climbing it for 4 1/2 years and I have never joined them.  I couldn't.  I didn't have the physical ability. 

But, after watching many children trying to climb up and around the tank, I came to appreciate how much my kids had grown and developed because of their hours climbing the tank.  Now I know other things aided in their development and growth of course.  But climbing the tank is a lot like climbing a tree or rocks (which are 2 things they don't have much access to).  The bodies is forced to move in various ways and a whole lot of muscles are used in the balancing and climbing of the various pieces.  It's pretty cool actually. 

After watching this video, I came to really understand how important overall movement is to one's body.  And esp to appreciate how much their tank climbing fun aided in my children's over-all development. 

I would love to come up with a workout with similar varying moves as the MovNat video.  I love the concept of using all the muscles and changing the stresses on the body, instead of the same stress over and over again.  It seems more natural really.  Of course, it would look nothing like his, being here in Clifton, NJ. But, the concept can still be followed I think, to an extent. 

Now, granted, you can't do that kind of movement if you're bones are weak and brittle, or even if you're body is filled with toxins and unable to get the blood and oxygen to where they need to be quickly and efficiently.  Or, for that matter, if you're physical structure is all messed up and even walking is painful.  All of which describe me quite well.  I have felt, for some years, that I have the bones and body of an 80 year old.  It's depressing to have that old of a body when you're in your 30s! 

But the last few weeks I have found myself feeling so much better.  I still have a long way to go (slow is better, remember), but I really don't feel like I'm 80!  Like if I take one wrong step, that I'll start the domino effect of bone breakage.  It's so wonderful! 

So, when the kids were climbing and playing on the tank last week, I decided to try and join them.  I have NO upper body strength and was a bit sheepish to try, in case I couldn't and looked silly, but it would just be another lesson for my kids to make good food and lifestyle choices so they don't end up like their 'dear old mom'. 

Low and behold, I was actually able to pull myself up onto the tank without too much grunting and butt-sticking-out.  It was fabulous.  And I was able to even slide down without hurting my back on impact, and I did it over and over again.  The kids were amazed.  The nice thing about homeschooling is that you can go to the park before it fills with school kids.  So after awhile, I stopped because it was kind of embarrassing.  :)  But it was so freeing to see that I was making real progress.  That my body is healing and my foundations are being reset properly.  Yeah for progress!! 

I was able even to run around with the kids some.  We were soldiers hiding from the enemy by running from tree to tree.  Some of the adults in the park found it amusing.  But I was just having so much fun, actually being able to run without fear of major repercussions-like a 32 year old ought to be able to do! 

We even enjoyed a barefoot walk home together.  :)

Whenever I get discouraged by things I can't do, God graciously reminds me of how far I have come, and encourages me by reminding me that I'm going in the right direction. 

Progressing forward.....

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