Friday, November 26, 2010

Harriet Tubman, the Moses of her People

My cousin and I and a few others have started an 'email book club' of sorts. We have been reading books together and writing our thoughts out afterwards.  It's been fun and eye opening.  Good for learning to 'think' about things rather then just read and move on.

One of the books that read recently was 'Harriet Tubman, The Moses of her People'.  It was written in the 1800s, while Harriet was still alive.  And it has been reissued a number of times since.  It is a small book, but powerful as a motivator and reminder of what life as a slave in early America used to be like.

Having grown up in a society that says that education is important, I realized I have come to believe the lie that the more you know, the smarter you are, and the better person you are.  But Harriet blows that stereotype out of the water.  She was so in tuned to the Lord, she could 'hear' him speak.  I don't know anyone like that today. I wonder if our 'education and knowledge' get in the way of the still small voice?

Harriet was born a slave and ran away when she was a teenager.  She was used of the Lord to bring thousands of other slaves along the 'underground railroad' to safety in Canada.  Her family as well as many others.  The Lord seemed to speak to her almost audibly.  The stories she told of close encounters and last minute changes of plan were amazing. 

I have a hard time hearing stories of slaves and the treatment they endured. I am too empathetic and can't handle seeing people suffer.  But I need to be reminded of the history of America and God's grace even in the midst of such atrocities. We are surrounded by horrible acts of sin today, they are just different and to us, not so obvious.

I was also really encouraged to pray for 'faith like a child', which is exactly the kind of faith Harriet Tubman exhibited.  It could be nothing but that, as she couldn't even read the Scriptures herself.

She willingly and humbly excepted any gifts the Lord provided.  She begged for mercy and help when the situation merited it. And she was so thankful to God for every little blessing she encountered.  She had no thought for herself or her safety.  She fully believed that when the Lord wanted her home, he would take her home.

Oh, to have such faith!

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  1. I am so there!!!! I want that kind of relationship with God too! That when he tells me to get off a road because there is danger I listen and obey. Not looking around wondering was that him or tapping my neighbor and saying do you think I should get "off the road". I want to hear, know it's HIS voice, and OBEY!!!