Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Relative Truth

Is there such a thing as truth outside of the Bible?  Maybe not.  I know the Bible is the only source of definite truth.  But is it possible to find truth in areas that are more practical-like child rearing, relationships, eating, time management, money matters, science, etc.

Is it possible to study and learn the natural laws of God's creation and apply them to life? God is a good of order and he made a world that follows natural order and laws. 

I have studied and applied what I consider God's natural laws in many areas of life.  Imperfectly to say the least.  But I really do believe I have found the general ways in which we are to do things such as care for our bodies and raise our children.  But it is contrary to what I see and hear around me. 

So, I have to either believe the principles are true and that I am somehow privileged to learn them.  Or that they really aren't principles but simply preferences and don't really make much of a difference.  Is there such a thing as relative truth?
If the principles I have learned are true and most people don't follow, then what are the consequences today, tomorrow and eternity?

Following said principles is a big deal.  It's not like it's just a little thing for me and my family.  It's earth-shattering and huge.  If they are true, then I have to not only live them out today and teach them to my children, but I also have to do my best to make sure they choose to do so when they are adults and raising their own family.

If they are true, then how do I see all of those around me going against those principles, having to suffer the consequences of them, but always thinking it's God's doing.  He can do a miracle, but He mostly seems to let his creation follow it's natural course and only intervening now and then to bring glory to himself. 

But, just reading that sentence makes me cringe.  Who do I think that I am, thinking I know the truth when so many others don't?

But, one thing that I have used as 'criteria' for believing and knowing said principles is reading older literature, etc. and seeing how things 'used to be'.  And more often then not, it proves those very principles.  We seem to have gotten so far from the truth, from what was considered normal.  Today, it's considered crazy and 'fringe', when only a hundred or so years ago, it would have been considered normal and good.

I don't want to be right or crazy, I just want to do the job God has given me to do, to the best of my ability.  I don't want to stand before the thrown of God and say 'well, I didn't know'.  Will that be an acceptable excuse?  Maybe.  I really don't know

Meanwhile, I'll do the best I can with the knowledge I have, and pray that I can stand before God someday, having done all in my power to stand firm.

And try not to 'judge' others with my relative truth.

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