Friday, October 29, 2010

7 INCHES!!!!!

So, truthfully, I had many reasons to embark on a lifestyle that was more conducive to health and more in-line with how God made a body to be treated.  But, early on, I realized that I needed to make sure that my focus was not on outward appearance, but rather on in-ward healing.  Pride is such a huge struggle with me, there was no reason to add to that.  But I was really, really hoping I'd lose some weight along the way. 

So, 2 1/2 years after realizing we needed a major overhaul in our day-to-day life, I am excited (but hopefully not proud) to say that I have lose SEVEN INCHES off my gut!  Yeah, yippee, hooray! Actually, probably more.  I only measured myself for the first time in January and I have lost 7 inches since then.  

It's quite amusing really.  This year has been the first year that I started actually feeling better (oh so slowly) and looking better.  I was confused with the whole weight loss thing.  I felt and looked better then I had in 5 years, but my clothes size was not (and still has not) gone down.  I did lose about 15 pounds over the summer.  But, it was confusing as to why I wasn't going down any sizes in clothes.  Now, my size 12s are definitely getting big on me, but I would not fit into a size 10.  I was hoping it wasn't muscle and bone loss! 

But, I realized I had measured myself in January. I had taken measurements in my stomach (above the waist), my gut (below the waist) and my actually waist. Ok, so I don't really have one of those. There is a slight indentation, but ever so slight.  Oh, and my thighs.  My upper legs are HUGE.  And they rub together something fierce. Seriously restricting my wardrobe (no shorts or skirt or dresses without something tight to keep my legs from rubbing together and causing intense pain), and making summers in a bathing horribly uncomfortable.  That, is still a problem unfortunately . I do hope over time maybe it will go away. But I'm also thinking it's probably a structural thing and may never go away. *sighs*  But I will keep hoping! 

Anyway, so I took my measurements again to see if they had changed.  And they did.  Well, the gut did. The rest are the same. But I was 42' in January and down to 35' in October. Yeah!!  I realized that explained why the clothes size isn't changing.  My waist is still the same, but I find the pants hang down lower in the crotch (funny word, isn't it?), because they are not supported by my larger gut.  Funny how these things work.

I know I have a lot of detoxing and healing left to do.  But I am definitely on the right track.  And I hope, maybe, I'll lose a few more pounds and clothes sizes.  My husband wants me a size 6 (it's a joke between us-I told him if I get to be a size 6, I'll wear a bikini), but I'd be happy with an 8 or 10. :)  Ok, I'll choose to be happy with a 12, if I'm healthy and energetic.  I know the typical American ideal is not healthy and bigger tends to be better, to a point of course. 

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