Friday, September 10, 2010

The Naturally Clean Home, by Karyn Siegel-Maier

The Naturally Clean Home, by Karyn Siegel-Maier.

Oh my, I so want to own this book! I will definitely keep my eyes open for a copy to own.  She has an older version that is cheap. But I want the new one as she mentions some recipes that are new that I am interested in. 

I've not been real keen on essential oils, as they seem quite powerful, expensive and dangerous if they are of questionable quality. I like to keep my life as simple as possible, and I find vinegar and baking to do so much of what I need for cleaning.  However, I have been frustrated with my laundry and dish detergent for some time.  The less toxic ones are expensive and not as effective. Which is really frustrating.  She uses a lot of the cleaners I already have and like, but adds and mixes some oils/herbs in for added zing and power.  Perfect! 

I need my dishes to be cleaned of oil! Traditional cooks use a lot of good quality fats and oils. And they are a pain to get off of dishes and clothes. 

According to this book, there are oils that do just that. 

I also like that there are anti-bacterial oils.  I think that germs are good in general for our body.  But for times when we are sick, I like the idea of having them around for helping our body to heal more quickly. 

I also like the idea of having herbs around the house for the calming effect they have.  We definitely could use some of that around here!  :)

She tackles the kitchen, bath, laundry, wood care, cleaning metals, walls and carpets, clearing the air, the garage and basement, the garden and landscape and the home office.  One per chapter.  And she is brilliant, intelligent and witty. So it makes for a fun read, as well as practical. 

She explains the difference between detergents and soaps.  She is keen on Dr. Bronner's, which I have already found myself to love.  And she even has a section on how to grow, harvest and prepare herbs. Where to purchase good oils and other products.  And some great lists, tips and explanations.  I love to clean and organize.  Did I mention how much I enjoyed the book?  :)

For the dishes, she essentially has you taking castile soap and simply adding various essential oils.  Which not only add a nice smell, but cut the grease like I want them to.  I can't wait to try some! 

For laundry, I want to try the Perspiration Stain Remover-Mix 1/4 cup vinegar, 4 drops lemon, lime or eucalyptus essential oil and 1 tbls baking soda.  Mix together and rub on stain with a toothbrush. 

She had a bunch of great suggestions for carpet cleaners and sanitizers. I don't like carpet.  I can't keep a vacuum in working order for the life of me.  And our carpets get so nasty!  I want wood or cement floors with wood carpets that I can clean outside on a regular basis, but stay hypo-allergenic in-between.

I also really want to try some of her sachet, herbal mists and potpourris. All fun stuff that can add to the quality of our lives. 

All in all, a great book, and in my opinion, worth owning!


  1. This sounds like a neat book. I'm really into using natural cleaners right now and I'm havin' way too much fun makin' homemade mixes!! :) This one is my favorite right now.
    Orange Glass Shiner~
    4 oz. water
    4 oz. AC vinegar
    1 Tb borax
    2 Tb orange EO

    It really shines glass and windows. But I also use it on lots of other surfaces specially good on sticky tables.

    I'm gonna try the stain cleaner.
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Cool, I've have to try that one. What do you use to wipe it off with? Just regular cloths or newspaper or something else?