Friday, September 24, 2010

Myia and her Asthma

I know we should do the GAPS diet.  I know for any long-term healing of our bodies, from any disease or issue we struggle with, we need to start by healing the gut, and I believe 100% that GAPS is THE answer to that.  It's the right place to start anyway.

We have been working toward that end for 2 years. And I have seen definite improvement in our over-all health, as well as specific areas.  But, we are not where we need to be.

I can deal with cranky-ness, mood swings, red puffy eyes and runny noses.  They are a nuisance and a sign that your body needs healing. But they are nothing life-threatening at least.

But, in the last year or so, Myia has taken to doing this funny breathing thing, esp in the fall and spring.  And it FREAKS ME OUT!  As well as it should.  I don't know that it's asthma. I've never had her tested, and she insists she does not have a hard time breathing.  But, it sends me into a panic when she starts doing it subconsciously. 

I do not, under any circumstances, want to give my children steroids.  I believe that it will exacerbate the symptoms in the long-run and make true gut and full-body healing all but impossible.  Our guts are already too messed up, and adding steroids to that mix is deadly. But, if she stops breathing, what am I to do?  It's a sudden, life-or-death thing. 

So, I should stop whining and put us all on the GAPS diet immediately.  But, yet, I don't. :( 

I am encouraged, however, to try harder with the sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha and yogurt.  And to consume less grains, even the properly prepared ones.  And to try harder to limit her diet when she is out.

That, my friends, is where the rub comes in for me.  It's the foods consumed when she is out that is so hard to control!  I can do it at home.  I mean, doing the GAPS diet would be super hard, esp the intro, which I want us to start with.  But, I know we could do it without turning our lives upside down.  But, how do I stop her from eating food at Sunday School, and at other people's houses?  If I could convince her it was life-threatening, I think she might choose not to.  But I'm not sure it's that bad-YET.

I do think I am holding it off by changing our diets to where we are now.  Raw, fermented dairy daily, liver and nutrient dense salmon weekly.  Lots of good quality fats.  Detoxing kombucha, digestion-helping bitters and blackstrap molasses minerals.   I do believe I am holding her intense issues at bay.  But, for how long, I don't know.  Will that heal in the long-run?  Sort of a modified GAPS over 10 years, instead of an intense 1 year diet?

I do hope, if she stops breathing, that I can use my supply of 'master tonic'  to get her breathing.  And you can rest assured we will immediately start the diet and will figure out what needs to be done as we go along for complete healing and detoxing.  I just hope it won't be too late!

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