Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bird Watching-the TJE Way

You wouldn't know it, but I hate groupies and titles.  But I use the TJE thing a lot, I know.  I really don't believe it is the be-all to end all.  But I could have wrote the book, well, it was what I would have written if I'd done his research anyway. :)  I also implement many others styles and things that I see and read. That is what I love about TJE though. It encourages specific instruction for each individual, and I can refer to it and have people know what I"m talking about. Rather then having to explain every detail every single time.

So, that said, I have to share this specific area that we have used lately and loved, and that is book based.  It's awesome!

My church has a school, and the library is often giving away old books it no longer wants in circulation.  I have picked up some awesome books from them.  One of them being 'Tony's Birds by Millicent Selsam'.  I loved it the first time I read it (which was probably over a year ago). I knew it would be a classic for us, and spur us on to higher learning.  And it has.  I'm so excited to share!!

Ever since reading it, we've talked about buying a bird guide and using our binoculars to go bird watching, just like Tony and his dad do in the book. This summer I finally got out the binoculars. And I found a small bird guide for 50 cents at the thrift store. I need to buy a more complete guide, but for the NJ area specifically, or it would get overwhelming.  But the kids have had so much fun with it!

They have brought it to the beach and identified the birds there. We have gone on some bird walks in the neighborhood (mostly black birds, sparrows and pidgeons) and they have sat on the front step and looked at birds.  It's so cute! They even will describe what it looks like, beak size, color of breast, head and feathers, size, etc.  It's so fun to see them get interested and excited about God's creation and learn to really look closely at things.

It's my dream that we do this more regular and get good at it. Hopefully finding a mentor and/or class in the area to help us.  And that someday, we'll see some rare bird and rejoice over the joy of being allowed to see it.

Bird watching is one of those things I've never understood or cared to do, but really wanted to 'want' to do it.  :)  Now we do.

I love classics/mentor learning.  It's so exciting and alive.  It works, it really does!

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