Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update on Oil Pulling

In April, I read Dr. Fife's Oil Pulling Therapy and decided I needed to give it a try.

I can't say I've seen 'huge' changes. But I have been relatively consistent with it for the last few months and definitely like what I've seen so far.

Here are some things I have noticed:

-I do not bleed when I brush my teeth.  If I have gone a few days with out OP, I start to bleed profusely again.

-My teeth are definitely whiter, although not a ton more so.

-It could be in my head, but there does seem to be less sensitivity to hot/cold in general.

-I love the feeling afterward. It feels so 'deep' clean.

I do still feel the need to brush my teeth most mornings for the bad breath and teeth 'scum' to go away.  Although that may just be what I'm used to, more then reality.  I still brush with a bit of baking soda. 

I love doing it and I love the results.  Now that I am convinced of it's general hygiene benefits, I need to figure out how to get the kids to do it daily also.  I so prefer this to tooth brushing in general.

In the morning, I take a spoon and dip it into my jar of refined coconut oil and then I just swish it around my mouth for 10-20 minutes.  The hardest part is not getting so distracted that I forget to swish.  Sitting in the mouth isn't harmful, but not real helpful either.  The refined coconut oil isn't strong at all, nor expensive, so it's a perfect option.

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  1. Thanks, Sarah! It's very helpful to hear other peoples' results on this. I know only the basic concept of it all, and practice it as well - and I feel the same way as you about it...