Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Studying Up On Science

As I mentioned before, I want to give myself a 'Scholar Phase' Education before my kids get theirs.  For my own sake as much as theirs.  There are huge gaps of information in my brain that I would like to remedy.  Science being one of them.

Lucky for me, my father-in-law loves science and has quite a few books and magazines on the subject.  And, lucky for me, he lets me borrow his books with abandon.  So far, I have a pretty good track record of returning them. :)

I was praying about science (and math, but one thing at a time) and that God would help me find a way to get 'excited' about science and motivated to start reading.   And guess what, he did!  We had a speaker come to church in July and he spent the whole weekend talking about creation, showing pictures, graphs, etc.  It was just what I needed to spark the flame for me.  And, of course, my father-in-law bought some books that I was able to borrow.  Ahh, life is good!

So, while I am just starting on my journey of learning what others have learned about God's amazing creation, I thought I could at least jot down what I have learned so far.  And what I have read/seen.  I have a long ways to go. There are a lot of 'branches' that contain vasts amounts of research and info that I will probably never touch on.  But, it is an exciting subject and I plan on reading everything I can get my hands on, and passing along my new-found information to my kids, so they too can benefit and get excited.

Here are pictures of the books/dvds that I have been blessed to have access to, as well as time to read/watch.  They fall under the same general category, creation verses evolution.  And I have heard a lot of things repeated. Which may bore some people, but for me, it's of utmost necessity for it to sink in.  I didn't grow up blonde for nothing!  

I think I'm getting it!!  :)

I keep thinking 'oh, the kids have to read this when they get older'.   But then I remember that science is ever-changing and growing and learning. So we'll probably have to find more up-to-date books when they are ready to read.  Meanwhile, I look forward to staying informed and teaching them what I am learning., in their terms.  I really want to check these comics out and purchase them if we like them.  I love things like that-give the kids a taste and make them want more.  Isn't that what mentoring is all about? 

My father-in-law also subscribes to Creation Magazine and Acts & Facts and he has given me his old copies and plans to pass the new ones along as he reads them.  Which means I can stay informed without having to spend any extra.  Also, there are tons of articles, from their magazine as well as others.  I'm looking forward to having a search engine I can type in questions and find biblical answers from.  I could never do all that research, nor even research every researcher to make sure they have sound, biblical principles.  So I am thankful for AIG/CMI for doing that for me.

It is so nice to read/watch intelligent people who believe in the Bible and Creation.  And not only do they believe, but they have obviously studied the Scriptures and truly dug in to find out what it says.  And while I don't know their personal lives, I'm assuming that anyone that understands the Bible at that level, also lives it in their personal, day-to-day lives.

Creation is viable.  Evolution is touted as being the only viable solution for the earth's history.  But the facts don't add up.  Evolutionist have a pre-conceived worldview, which they use to interpret their scientific findings.  Granted, so do creationists.  But creation fills in a lot more blanks then does evolution.  One does not have to throw intelligence out the window in order to believe in a 6 day creation, and an earth that is approximately 6,000 years old, disturbed by a flood approximately 4,500 years ago.  Isn't that so cool!!

I'm also enjoying having my mind stretched and using this new information to fill in some blankets in regards to nutrition and the body.  It's exciting stuff. :)

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