Friday, August 20, 2010

Does Technology Really Make life Simplier?

Not too long ago, I had a conversation about how much time it takes to prepare nourishing food.  And how difficult it is when you work full time.

I can't imagine working 40+ hours a week, commuting AND buying and preparing truly nourishing foods (forget about the research it's taken to get me to even know what  to eat and learn how to prepare it).  Maybe I could. I do hope I never have to find out.  :)  I like my 'job' of homemaker, wife and mother too much to have to find out.

But, it got me thinking, as usual.  I don't think that God meant for humans to live the frantic pace that we do today.  Stress is harmful to the body, and I don't think God meant for our bodies to deal with that kind of stress.  But he also knows that we need to eat foods that are properly grown and prepared. So what are we to do?

Once again, I go to the past and how things 'used to be'.  From what I understand, before the industrial revolution,  the vast majority of people's 'jobs' were food related. They raised their own food and bartered or traded for what they could not raise themselves.  It was a simple life. Albeit somewhat nerve-wracking.  If a drought or storm killed your animals and ruined your crop, you had no recourse for food.  I.E. No grocery store with food from a lab that would not nourish your body, but would be enough to give you energy and heat for survival.  So there is definitely a trade off in stress here.

But, if the father was out tending animals and the mom and kids at home tending the garden, preparing food and keeping house, then there was no need for outside 'work'.  Life was about survival. 

So it really is a trade-off.  Running around like crazy people.  Trying to make enough money to pay for our homes, taxes, food, entertainment, transportation, vacation, etc.  Or, living a simple life, trying to raise enough food for daily survival, doing things the 'hard way' and enjoying our relationships and surroundings with little stress outside of those 'basics'.

I personally prefer the simple life, more so all the time.  When life gets complicated, I find it impossible to enjoy real life.  I feel like I am a hamster on a spinning wheel.  Always running, but never getting anywhere.

So, I am going to work harder at enjoying the real things of life, and worrying less about doing things like driving a 2 door car that is old and falling apart, and living in an old apartment in a yucky neighborhood, not going on vacations or going out to watch movies.

I'd rather be able to stay home and take care of my family with little, then work full time with lots. 


  1. Sounds like a great plan Sarah. : ) Now if I could get my green envy out of the way I would do much better with this too. ; )

  2. You know, I find myself more embarrassed these days then envious. Not sure if that is progress or just change. :)