Friday, July 9, 2010

The Detox Book, by Bruce Fife

I really enjoyed reading The Detox Book by Dr. Bruce Fife. I had heard about it from a number of places (as usual), and finally checked my library.  I love libraries!

Like the other 2 books of Dr. Fife's that I read I did not agree on the low-fat diet, but otherwise loved it!  I hope to find it used some place for cheap so I can keep it around as a reference.  There is so much great info in it.

He started the book with true stories of a number of people suffering from various degenerative diseases.  And then went on to explain how they were caused by the various toxins their bodies could not rid themselves of.

He talked in detail about the toxins in our food, water, air, body care and household products, lead and mercury.

Chapter 2 talked about the Genesis of Disease, how our bodies succumb to the various degenerative diseases.  He gives a brief history of the various disease theories over the last couple hundred years.  The scientific community used to think that germs were the only cause of disease.  But with better technology, they started looking into genetics and how that could affect a person's ability to fight off diseases.  And recently, the scientific community has been realizing the important role that nutrition and food processing plays into it, esp degenerative diseases. Fife also talks about the role of stress on a body, and how the ever increasing stress has hampered our ability to protect ourselves as well.  None of it was new information, but a great review and reminder before he delved into the various ways and roles of detoxifying.  He certainly made a case for getting the toxins out!

He gives a Health Assessment Profile on page 36.  He describes 4 tests to give yourself.

1.  Skin Elasticity Test  (pinching your hand to see how long it takes for the blood to return

2.  Falling-Ruler Test (tests reaction time by dropping a ruler and catching it)
3.  Static Balance Test  (stand on one leg with eyes closed)

4.  Visual Accommodation Test.  (how far away you can read a newspaper)

He spends 2 chapters on eating and food.  And like his other 2 books, he talks about low-fat and minimal animal protein.  Which I think is absurd.  I really don't think he believes that anymore, but I'm not sure.  I pretty much skimmed those sections.  But, I do agree that our food, and lack thereof, is making us sick and causing toxic build-ups in our bodies.

Chapter 5 is entitled 'The Healing Process' and he talks about how what we often consider something negative namely fatigue, colds and flu-like symptoms, are often the amazing process of our bodies healing and cleaning themselves.  I first heard of that concept when I read Donna Gates' The Body Ecology.  And it rocked my little world!  I would have been so miserable this past winter if I hadn't read and thought through that concept.  We think of 'sickness' as bad. But so often, it's simply our body ridding itself of toxins. And the only way for our body to do it's job, is to rest.  So many of our symptoms are not only ridding our body of toxins, but they are also forcing us to rest while it does so.  God is so good!  And to think, he made it all with a word, a word!!!!

I loved some of the quotes he had in the side bars.  Here are a few of my favorites:

"It's supposed to be a professional secret, but I'll tell you anyway.  We doctors do nothing.  We only help and encourage the doctor within."  Albert Schweitzer

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."  Thomas A. Edison

"The physician is nature's assistant."  Galen, 2nd Century, AD

I was fascinated by Hering's Law of Cure-'All cure comes from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared in the body'.   "While your body is cleansing, you will reexperience many of the illnesses you have had in the past, all the way back to childhood. This is called the 'reversal process.'"   What a fascinating concept. And I've heard of people saying that is exactly what has happened to them as they have slowly healed from various ailments.  I heard of a lady who worked with chemicals in the perfume industry.  She found out she had cancer and started a GAPS type protocol.  And over time, she smelled of the different chemicals she had worked with, but in reverse order. So the last chemical she worked with, she smelled first, and then backwards. It's so interesting!  A friend told me on Sunday about her own experience with detoxing.  When she was young, she had tonsillitis and eventually lesions on her neck.  Eight years ago she started working with some alternative doctors to try and heal her ailing body.  They told her to watch for those lesions and sore throat to return. And sure enough, they did. About 7 years into her healing, she woke up one day with a sore throat and lesions on her neck. They lasted for 3 weeks and went away.  They came back over and over, but with less intensity and duration.  Until one day, they came for 3 hours and left, and have not returned since.  How cool is that!!!!

'Some people, when they experience their first healing crisis, think it's a disease crisis and give up because 'the diet didn't work-I got sicker.'  You can't expect to clean 40 years of junk and rebuild an entire body in just a few weeks.'

After talking about how and why the body detoxes, he takes the next 10 chapters to deal with specific ways of detoxing.

1.  Fasting.  He talks about how fasting can help the body rest and focus on healing.  I'm not sure I agree with that one.  Jury is out still on my end.  But he did make some compelling points and many people have the same mindset.  I have fasted off and on in the past, but I struggled with it due to my low blood sugar issues. 

2.  Juicing.  Basically, he talks about a juice fast.  You juice fruit and veggies, so you are getting the vitamins and calories, without the fiber.  Which is supposed to give your digestive system a break.  Again, jury is out in my opinion.

3.  Oxygen Therapy.  This was a fascinating chapter, there was a lot of new info for me. 
Apparently oxygen is amazing stuff!  Again, God is so good!  The very things we need most are free for all.  Makes sense, really.  He talks about teaching ourselves deep breathing exercises and doing them purposefully every day.  Who would think that simply deep breathing could be so healing!  The use of hydrogen peroxide goes back to the early 1900s as a means of successfully fighting cancer.  He gives some info as to what happens at the cellular level in regards to oxygen and cancer, etc.  He talks about using ozone for healing also.  I am most interested in learning how to breathe properly and using hydrogen peroxide as a detoxifier.  He suggests finding 35% food grade HP (which I have yet to find), and using it in the bathtub, or diluted in a glass of water.  He even said that if you put the HP in water, it will dissolve most of the chemicals and make it safe to bathe in.  I love that idea, as our water has all kinds of nasty stuff in it.

4.  Exercise.  I do believe/know that exercise is a great way of detoxifying, as long as one is careful and does not over-do it.  I love to walk.  I am even learning to appreciate 'barefoot walking', which Fife does not suggest. :)

5.  Heat therapy.  "Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease."  Parmenides (500 B.C.)  Wow, we think so differently of fevers now a days.  If  a kid has an even slightly elevated body temperature, we pump him with Tylenol to bring it down. When in actuality, the fever is simply the body riding itself of toxins!  Some of the methods he describes are saunas/spas/hot tubs.  He even suggests wrapping yourself in plastic and lying in the sun.  Leaving your head out of course.  I can definitely vouch for the benefits of a bath that makes you sweat.  I can feel the toxins coming out with the sweat.  Such simple things.  I love that!

6.  Colon Cleaning.  The one I want to try the most is enemas.  I've read a lot about them and am convinced of their usefulness in detoxing. I just need to get the apparatus for it.  Coffee enema, he says, it esp useful.

7.  Kidney Cleansing.  Some things he suggests for helping to dissolve kidney stones: apples/juice, hydrangea root, gravel root, parsley, marshmallow root, uva ursi, vegetable glycerin, ginger root and cayenne pepper. 

8.  Liver Cleansing. I was excited to read about a similar cleanse to the one I just did.  I think Drew is going to join me when I do it in July.  Yeah!  :)

9.  Herbal Detox. He specifically deals with fungal and parasite infections.  There wasn't a lot of info in this chapter, but it was interesting and good to know if one suspects either parasites or fungus.  On a side note, a good friend of mine just passed what she is pretty sure is, tapeworms. She is excited to see if it helps improve her overall health.  Gross, but progress is good!

10.  The Mind.  That whole stress thing again. I've come to realize how damaging it is to a body and I've done my bestest to rid myself of it in every way possible.

All in all, it was a fantastic book to read and open one's eyes to the dangers of stored toxins in the body.  And to the wonders of getting rid of said toxins.  I will definitely read it again in a year or so, trying to retain even more info for the future. And if I find any of us needs an emergency detox, I'll know where to go for the details.


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